Feeling Full

28. Changing Beliefs and losing 80 lbs with Jeff Miller

July 01, 2021 Mordechai Wiener Season 1
Feeling Full
28. Changing Beliefs and losing 80 lbs with Jeff Miller
Show Notes

Jeff and Mordechai discuss Jeff’s journey with managing his weight. They touch on how they met, what Jeff’s childhood was like as a heavy kid, and Jeff talks about his initial resistance and how his mindset has changed to help him be successful. 


  • When Jeff first met Mordechai, he was not ready to make changes.
  • After Jeff’s mother’s passing, he began to eat more and gained weight.
  • His brother had a baby and he wanted to be involved in his niece’s life and then a good friend who was living a similar lifestyle had a heart attack and nearly died.
  • Around that same time, Mordechai called Jeff and wanted to get him involved with a new session.
  • Jeff committed to calling Mordechai the next Monday but did not make the call. Then when he did call, Mordechai said that he did not think Jeff was ready since he skipped the call.
  • Jeff did not want to restrict himself fully from the foods that he loved and wanted to try. So, he planned to be able to have one bit of anything at the table.
  • He has lost over 80lbs.
  • He realized that you could eat plenty of food that is good for you and never feel like you are hungry. He also realized that sometimes the simplest and healthiest cooking tastes the best.
  • You can look at any menu and find the thing that works for you. 
  • When you are eating healthy vegetables and protein, your digestive system functions properly and you feel better.
  • Jeff grew up in a typical 90’s home where everything was low-fat or light versions of food.
  • His parents had him go to Weight Watchers at 13 and it was uncomfortable to be there.
  • Jeff rebelled by eating food that he was not supposed to eat.
  • The goal is not perfection. The goal is consistency.
  • Preparing food to take with you is critical.

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