Feeling Full

31. Weight Watchers, the Scale, and Methods for Success with Liz Josefsberg

July 22, 2021 Liz Josefsberg Season 1
Feeling Full
31. Weight Watchers, the Scale, and Methods for Success with Liz Josefsberg
Show Notes

In this episode, I speak with Liz about her experience working for Weight Watchers and eventually writing her book, called Target 100.  Liz has helped thousands of people lose weight sustainably with her six weight loss targets. 


  • For Liz, the power of Weight Watchers was sharing the experience with others and recognizing that she was not the only one that felt the way she did.
  • Liz decided to work for Weight Watcher as an accountability measure since you had to weigh monthly and maintain your goal weight or risk losing your job.
  • Liz eventually helped the CEO of Weight Watcher lose 40 pounds and was doing personal visits to his office. 
  • He realized that shoe would be a great fit for helping high-profile clients and she began to work 1 on 1 with celebrities.
  • Liz believes that you must find what works for you and not focusing on what works for others.
  • To Liz, the scale is a wonderful tool to help manage and learn about the science project that is the body.
  • You should use a scale regularly enough to become inherently aware of what your body weight is.
  • Staying in a 5-to-7-pound range is weight maintenance.
  • 6 pillars of weight loss: food, exercise, hydration, movement patterns, sleep, and stress.
  • Feeling guilt and shame activates the reward center in the brain. So you do more of what it was that gave you the guilt and shame.
  • Gratitude shuts down the reward system. 
  • Start with hydration and the water pillar to get a simple start.

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