Feeling Full

35. Find Your Purpose by Developing Self Trust with Light Watkins

August 19, 2021 Light Watkins Season 1
Feeling Full
35. Find Your Purpose by Developing Self Trust with Light Watkins
Show Notes

Today, I’m speaking with my friend, Light Watkins. He's a meditation teacher, author and advocate for meditation practice. Formerly a model, he one day decided to take a leap and trust the softer voice in his head. One thing led to another, and Light was on a journey to become a yoga and meditation teacher. He eventually went on to write 3 books. His latest, Knowing Where to Look, is a fun read, with 108 short stories that will inspire you to live “on purpose” more courageously.


  • The book “Conversations with God” got Light thinking more about spirituality.
  • Light decided that following your heart was the most prudent way to find happiness.
  • Your heart will challenge you with difficult changes and it will take courage to follow your heart and evolve.
  • A breakup was the catalyst for Light leaving New York and moving to California.
  • It was in California where Light began teaching Yoga and eventually met a meditation teacher that inspired him to learn and teach meditation.
  • Most people that call themselves meditation teachers are really guides and are not teaching mechanics.
  • Meditation means different things to different people. There are multiple styles of meditation.
  • The biggest benefit that Light has experienced through meditation is being more connected with his intuition.
  • Your heart voice will never tell you what not to do. It only tells you what to do.


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Book mentioned:  Conversations With God

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