Feeling Full

36. A Comedian's Approach to 115lb Weight Loss with Lee Syatt

August 26, 2021 Lee Syatt Season 1
Feeling Full
36. A Comedian's Approach to 115lb Weight Loss with Lee Syatt
Show Notes

Lee Syatt has just reached a personal milestone of losing 115 pounds. I’m honored to bring you my conversation with him. Lee is an inspiring guy, who shares his weight loss journey with courageous authenticity and humor. As a self-described “fat kid”, he was often made fun of and put down because of his weight. In today's conversion, he shares how public accountability plays a big role in his ability to stay on track, how he’s overcoming many obstacles, and how he plans to keep the weight off, for good, this time.


  • Lee got to a point where he wouldn’t put himself on camera for his podcasts.
  • He works out online with a Zoom group and finds that it keeps him accountable.
  • He also believes that the accountability from sharing his progress each week on his podcast has kept him focused and committed.
  • Lee feels like he lacked self-control in his youth and survived on fast food.
  • Lee started making better food choices and tried to remove items that were just too many calories.
  • He has lost 115lbs in less than a year.
  • During the show, Lee committed to running a 5k in 90 days.
  • Lee is a comedian, and he is finding that some of his older jokes about his weight no longer work well after losing weight.
  • He found that when he stays too sedentary or isolated, he becomes negative.

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