Feeling Full

37. Maintain Weight by Planning to Fail & Feeling Emotions with Mark Krassner-Wave

September 02, 2021 Mark Krassner Season 1
Feeling Full
37. Maintain Weight by Planning to Fail & Feeling Emotions with Mark Krassner-Wave
Show Notes

Mark Krassner is one of my closest friends and one of the most committed coaches I know. He works with people on living their truth and pursuing their dreams. In this episode, I love what he shares about the importance of not overriding your emotions with intellect. We also talked about the importance of accepting and processing emotions that are driving your decisions to live a life of more ease and much more.


  • Mark loves to help people find ways to step into their greatness.
  • Have a plan for when you fail so that you can minimize the impact.
  • Look for one thing that you can do consistently.
  • Realize that when you fail today it is probably to a lesser extent than when you previously failed. Don’t forget the progress that you have made. Your low points are probably much higher than your previous low points.
  • Pay attention to your feelings and try and understand what is happening in your life that is causing those feelings.
  • Try to name the emotion that you are experiencing. Usually binging is caused by sadness, anger, or fear.
  • Try to focus on the emotion and understand where it is residing in your body. 
  • Then try to understand how the emotion wants to move you. What is the physical reaction that the emotion is causing?
  • Give yourself permission to feel and experience the emotion.
  • Try not to override your emotions. Try to actually feel. You can’t focus on anything until you can focus on how you feel.
  • Research shows that 20 minutes of human connection can reduce or remove cravings.

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