Feeling Full

41. You Deserve Compassion (mordiminutes)

September 30, 2021 Season 1
Feeling Full
41. You Deserve Compassion (mordiminutes)
Show Notes

In this episode, Mordechai talks about having compassion for yourself along the journey to reach your goals. He discusses the idea that nobody is perfect and we have to give ourselves some grace and compassion to work through the messiness of the journey so that we can feel content. 


  • For the past few weeks, Mordechai has been eating more than he typically would because of Jewish holidays which are full of big meals and family gatherings.
  • Mordechai operates best when he has control over his routine so events like these can throw him off balance.
  • It is easy to see setbacks in a negative light and feel like you are not good enough.
  • It can lead to judgemental and negative internal dialogues.
  • Constantly creating new goals can prevent you from feeling content about what you have accomplished.
  • Humans, by nature, are flawed and the idea of perfection for yourself is too high a standard to live to. You must find some compassion for yourself.
  • Society projects the idea that there is a way to perfection and if you are not perfect then you are not worthy of grace and compassion.
  • Do not suppress the emotion. Allow yourself to feel the messiness so that you can move past it.
  • Self-acceptance is the entry point to compassion.
  • We often think of the word compassion as something that we feel toward others. Compassion starts with yourself and the way we treat ourselves can often be how we treat others.
  • Being committed to something isn’t the same as trying to be perfect.

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