Feeling Full

46. How to Free Your Mind & Take Control of Your Weight with Glenn Livingston Ph.D

November 04, 2021 Mordechai Wiener: Life-changing Conversations about Weight Loss and Self Love Season 1
Feeling Full
46. How to Free Your Mind & Take Control of Your Weight with Glenn Livingston Ph.D
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In this episode, Glenn discusses the strategies of his book Never Binge Again and the history of its inspiration from Glenn’s time working with patients and consulting with large food companies.


  • Glenn’s book Never Binge Again has over 12,000 reviews on Amazon
  • Around the age of 17 is when Glenn realized that he had a problem with binging.
  • Glenn noticed that while he was with patients he would often start to think about food during their session.
  • Glenn was consulting for large food companies and as he saw them producing highly processed foods he began to question if his relationship with food was psychological at all.
  • Processed food is designed to make us feel good without being satisfied.
  • People like to think that advertising doesn’t affect them and that is what companies want you to believe.
  • “Take the vitamins out of the bar and put it into the packaging” is a common tactic.
  • Our instinct is to look for multiple colors in food, so they design the packages to trick us.
  • Companies are very concerned with maximizing the bliss response.
  •  We live in an environment where everyone has agreed to slowly kill themselves with food.
  • Glenn noticed that people binge on different types of food depending on what stress they have in their life.
  • Make decisions about what you are going to eat before you are presented with choices so that you define the boundaries.
  • You need an aggressive approach to take control and win against the billions of dollars that the food companies have working against you.

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