Feeling Full

48. Willpower vs the Pleasure Trap: How to Eat Well Easily with Dr. Alan Goldhamer

November 18, 2021 Season 1
Feeling Full
48. Willpower vs the Pleasure Trap: How to Eat Well Easily with Dr. Alan Goldhamer
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In this episode, Dr Goldhamer discusses the health benefits of fasting and adopting a whole plant-based diet. He talks about why we have so many issues today managing our diet because of unnatural dopamine stimulation


  • A book called "How fasting can save your life" by Herbert Shelton inspired Dr. Goldhamer at a young age.
  • Everybody fasts each day. Most people just break their fasts quickly.
  • Dr. Goldhamer advocates extending fasts to 12 to 16 hours.
  • At True North Health Center, they perform medically supervised long-term water fasting.
  • People eat an average of 150 pounds per year.
  • Fasting can help re-calibrate taste and allow you to start appreciating the natural flavor of food.
  • Food and sex are natural dopamine stimulators.
  • The artificial stimulation of dopamine is the reason that we have so many health issues.
  • Some people see positive effects in just a few days when fasting 16 hours a day and eating healthy.
  • In the past, people died from dietary deficiencies and today we are dying because of dietary excess.
  • We are eating ourselves to death.
  • People have different levels of satiety sensitivity.
  • When something tastes better that means it is stimulating more dopamine in the brain. Salt has no calories, but it causes you to eat more.
  • You can build muscle mass on a whole plant food diet. It takes more time but there are no damaging effects like eating meat or taking drugs.
  • It can be tough to transition to a whole plant diet but any radical change in diet is tough. It takes some time for the body to adjust.
  • B12 is one nutrient that needs supplement for people that are on a whole plant diet.

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