Feeling Full

49. Secrets to Overcoming Addiction to Food and Sugar with Dr. Vera Tarman

November 25, 2021 Mordechai Wiener: Life-changing Conversations about Weight Loss and Self Love Season 1
Feeling Full
49. Secrets to Overcoming Addiction to Food and Sugar with Dr. Vera Tarman
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In this episode, Dr. Tarman discusses the treacherous nature of sugar addiction. She talks about her struggle with a sugar addiction and how working with addicts in her professional life helped her recognize that she had an addiction. 

"What got you here won't get you there" - Marshall Goldsmith


  • Since tackling her food addiction, Vera has lost and maintained a 100-pound weight loss.
  • In her college years, Vera started restricting her intake of calories and all she could think about was food.
  • She eventually stressed so much about the restriction that she stopped and began to eat too much. 
  • She then went through a series of binging and purging and ended up driving herself to an emergency room to seek help.
  • It wasn’t until much later while working with drug addiction that she recognized that she had an addiction. 
  • She decided to treat herself in the same way that she treated addicts. She started by eliminating all junk food from her home and avoiding it at all costs.
  • Within weeks she felt much better.
  • You have to stop using whatever the addiction is before you can see the underlying reasons for the addiction.
  • Sugar is an unnatural food product when removed from the food. It’s a drug just like any other drug.
  • Parents should limit sugar to children.
  • Change the mindset to sugar being a toxin just like tobacco or other drugs. Would you give those to your child?

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