Radio Dayz!...The Podcast

Radio Dayz...The Podcast with Special Guest Dennis Frawley

March 05, 2021 Ron Robinson Studios Season 1 Episode 16
Radio Dayz!...The Podcast
Radio Dayz...The Podcast with Special Guest Dennis Frawley
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Radio Dayz! is a podcast radio program that explores the world of terrestrial radio...its DJ's and on-air personalities and you all the fans of radio as a medium...come take a look inside radio through the eyes of those who have worked behind the mic of radio

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I am super excited about My guest today, because growing up...he was one of the first DJ's I remember hearing on the radio...along with jocks like Dan Carlise and Jerry Lubin, my guest today gained fame during the early days of Legendary radio station WABX in Detroit....some says he's also partially responsible for the discovery of the Legendary rock band the MC5...ladies and gentleman please welcome Mr Dennis Frawley.

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Frawley Aircheck
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Introducing Dennis Frawley
as a kid I was listening to...
I moved to New York
Writing about the MC5 and other bands
The GM of WABX brought us in
From Ann Arbor to Detroit
Start a Podcast W/BuzzSprout
The Station That Glows in the Dark
Selecting the Music I Played
Instacart Express
Reporting the death of Elvis
New Management brings Change
Softball Games against Journey
MC5 Loved to Play
The J Geils Band & Aerosmith
Playing an entire Record Album and Playlists
Radio Dayz the movie
Another Aircheck