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Dreaming and Doing with Nicky Raby

Nicky Raby

'Dreaming and doing with Nicky Raby' discusses success, but not in the traditional sense. The online world can still be a little mysterious, so I am going to be chatting to business owners and personal brands all about their version of success. How he/she did it, what the dream vs the reality looks like, how to make significant money whilst remaining creative and flexible (also HOW they do this) and the power of the portfolio career. I also want to give you business and mindset tools to accelerate your brand, help you work smartly and earn more money in a flexible way to suit your life requirements and non-negotiables, doing more of what you love and less of what you don't.I'm a huge advocate of the portfolio career; I'm an actor, qualified life and business coach, writer and speaker (and now podcaster). I'm passionate about supporting other women (and men!) to create a business and life that defines their version of success. Since qualifying as a coach in 2013, I've helped over 700 people through my workshops, 1:1 sessions and online courses. Find out more over on my website www.nickyraby.com/podcast and connect across social media @nickyraby

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