IpX True North Podcast

The Cost of Corrective Action

February 09, 2021 IpX - Institute for Process Excellence Episode 5
IpX True North Podcast
The Cost of Corrective Action
Show Notes

In this episode, Ken Black, Chief of IpX Workforce Academy, and Michael Benning, Executive Director, True North Enterprise Calibration discuss with host Chris Anderson the true cost of Corrective Action for an organization. Ken and Michael define what Corrective Action is, how to measure it and offer their experience and knowledge surrounding:

  • “Intervention resource expenditures” and initiatives on how to eliminate waste
  • How corrective action creates a culture of “firefighting”
  • The immeasurable costs of corrective action including impact to culture and deferring of innovation
  • How to reduce and overcome corrective action mode with proper processes that provide predictable output
  • How CM2 reduces process failure by ensuring you start with the right requirements that are clear, concise, and valid
  • How to use your change process as a competitive advantage

Learn more about why CM2 is the global enterprise standard for change and configuration management. https://go.ipxhq.com/AboutCM2

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