The Perfect Flight DG

"The get stuff done" disc golfer

July 17, 2020 The Perfect Flight DG Season 2
The Perfect Flight DG
"The get stuff done" disc golfer
Show Notes

There are some people that seems to have extra love for disc golf.
Some people that not only love throwing prefect flights, but also love to see other golfers throw them.
Some people that help people find the sport, and making sure it grows.
Some people that want to give athletes a place to thrive, grow and compete.
Some people that are so hooked on disc golf, that they are willing to use the majority of their free time to help disc golf in every way possible.
Some people that gets stuff done.

There are not many of these kinds of people, but they make a huge impact on their community. Yes - maybe even their whole country. Like Ben Smith from Canada, a man that have installed more courses than we have aces. That help the sport grow by bringing some of the best players in the world, to his tournament. The man featured in the JomezPro documentary Throw Canada.
And this man sat down with Dean, for an inspiring talk.

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