The Perfect Flight DG

#19 - Celebrating European Disc Golf

March 11, 2021 The Perfect Flight DG Season 3 Episode 19
The Perfect Flight DG
#19 - Celebrating European Disc Golf
Show Notes

The season is kicking off, and The Perfect Flight duo is back with another episode. 

  • HUGE announcement from Dean, with some future explorations into showcasing and promoting European Disc Golf. 
  • Competition announcement! Some Udisc love for you all!
  • An update from Løft, hugely succesfull fundraising!
  • We talk about the first big tournament of the season, with some new faces to the top over in the US. Also, we talk about the live coverage, which had some real ways to improve for the rest of the season. 
  • And is the commentary duo prepping for the upcoming commentary of the EuroTour?
  • Last but not least - we have a brand new theme song thanks to our good friend and original theme song creator: Alexander Brett Williamson

Check out Alexanders work with UDisc:

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