Kate Lindgren aka the Blind Sculler
Girl on the River
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Girl on the River
Kate Lindgren aka the Blind Sculler
Sep 22, 2021 Season 3 Episode 1
Patricia Carswell

S3, Ep.1 A very warm welcome back to the podcast for season 3. I'm really delighted to introduce you to Kate Lindgren, my latest guest, who is a member of Peterborough Rowing Club and a passionate sculler. Having lost her sight as a young woman, she only came to rowing later in life but has taken to it with an enthusiasm that can't fail to be infectious. Kate and I talk about:

  • How and when she lost her sight
  • Life in work and society as a blind person
  • Roller disco!
  • How she discovered rowing
  • How her other senses come into play in rowing
  • The sounds of rowing
  • Single sculling and working with a coach and navigator
  • Kate's favourite drill
  • Kate's 20K challenge
  • Racing
  • Kate's own rowing language with her coach and their private rowing language
  • Adaptive rowing and what it involves for clubs
  • How to make rowing more attractive to people with disabilities
  • The joy rowing gives to Kate
  • Lockdown and ZoomErgos
  • Kate's plans to row in a new place

You can find Kate on Twitter at @kathryn2503
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