John Brown Today

Why Were You Miseducated About John Brown?

November 08, 2020 Louis DeCaro Jr. Season 1 Episode 1
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In this podcast, Louis DeCaro Jr. welcomes listeners and introduces himself with some reflections about the significance of John Brown in history, especially relating to the black struggle for justice. DeCaro then discusses the story behind Brown's damaged reputation in history, particularly how white society was miseducated and why.

Welcome & introduction
John Brown & racial justice
Malcolm X on John Brown
White allies?
John Brown Today
Episode theme introduced
"The celebrity of the day"
John Brown's jail letters
John Brown's posthumous impact
John Brown's detractors
An indifferent generation rises
The Black American view
White society's John Brown
Brown versus Abe Lincoln
"The Santa Fe Trail" movie
Some kind of nut?
Positive changes?
The history behind history
More mental issues?
Toward "The Good Lord Bird"