Off the Rails from the U.S. Faster Payments Council - FPC
30 Nov. 2023 Dean Nolan with Strategic Resource Management on Instant Payments, Monetization, and Hawai'i
30 Nov. 2023 Dean Nolan with Strategic Resource Management on Instant Payments, Monetization, and Hawai'i 28:28 9 Nov 2023 Shaun Ferrari of Currency Research on Cash, Faster Payments, 90 Day Fiance, and more! 35:21 26 Oct. 2023 Art Brieske from Wells Fargo on The Keys to Faster Payments Adoption, Updates from Wells Fargo, and More 22:18 12 Oct 2023 Stephany Kirkpatrick of Orum on Account Verification, Time to Money, Artificial Intelligence, and getting enough sleep 21:33 28 Sept 2023 Mike Vigue on Instant Payments, FedNow, RTP, and New England in the winter 20:13 14 Sept. 2023 Jonathan Shiery of Guidehouse on Real Estate Payments, Blockchain, RTP, FedNow, and 4th grade math 31:46 24 August 2024 Carl Slabicki of BNY Mellon on instant payments, FedNow, open banking, financial inclusion, and Mission: Impossible 28:36 10 August 2023 Josh Karoly from Netflix on instant payments, recurring payments, user experience 23:30 27 July 2023 Jim Colassano of The Clearing House on the RTP Network, Interoperability, Instant Payments Use Cases, and Indiana Jones 33:45 13 July 2023 Dr. Angela Murphy, "Payments Elsa," on faster payments, data, AI, payments experiences, musical theatre 19:24 22 June 2023 Bradley Wilkes of Open Payment Network on On-boarding, interoperability, fraud, and pickleball 21:59 8 June 2023 Miriam Sheril of Form3 on Interoperability, Payments Technology, APIs, and Pocket Aces 27:55 25 May 2023 ChatGPT and Peter Tapling on Generative AI, Faster Payments, Financial Inclusion, and Micropayments 32:19 11 May 2023 Chris Jewell and Trev Wistaff of Zepto on Australia's NPP, faster payments use cases, and zero turn mowers 33:21 27 April 2023 John Drechny from the MAG on Faster Payments for merchants, use cases, ecommerce, point of sale, and mountain biking 22:49 13 April 2023 Mark Majeske of Alacriti on Faster Payments Use Cases, Fraud, and chainsaws 27:42 23 March 2023 Alex Gonthier CEO and Founder of Trustly on Instant Payments, Irrevocability, and dining in Paris 30:30 9 March 2023 Steve Wasserman from Vments and Charles Harkness from Corporate One FCU on Faster Payments Education, Use Cases, Digital Assets, and Healthy Eating 40:16 23 Feb 2023 Phillipa Wilson of Mastercard on payments infrastructure, financial inclusion, and faster payments use cases 32:38 9 Feb 2023 Lana Swartz Prof. at the Univ. of Virginia and Author of New Money: How Payment Became Social Media 42:20 26 Jan 2023 Joanne Strobel and Sumit Arora of Wells Fargo on ISO 20022, faster payments use cases, cryptocurrencies, and more 35:41 12 Jan 2023 David Dwumah from OurBanc on Financial Inclusion, ESG, community, and barbecue 29:32 29 Dec 2022 Mark Field of Liberty Bank on Instant Payments, FedNow, Fraud, Liability, and It's a Wonderful Life 29:15 15 Dec 2022 Dan Baum from the Federal Reserve on FedNow, Instant Payments, Fraud, Risk, use cases 22:09 1 December 2022 Jack Baldwin of BHMI and Nathan Churchward of Cuscal on Faster Payments in Australia, Lessons Learned, and a top NYC restaurant to hit 35:22