Off the Rails from the U.S. Faster Payments Council - FPC
26 Jan 2023 Joanne Strobel and Sumit Arora of Wells Fargo on ISO 20022, faster payments use cases, cryptocurrencies, and more
26 Jan 2023 Joanne Strobel and Sumit Arora of Wells Fargo on ISO 20022, faster payments use cases, cryptocurrencies, and more 35:41 12 Jan 2023 David Dwumah from OurBanc on Financial Inclusion, ESG, community, and barbecue 29:32 29 Dec 2022 Mark Field of Liberty Bank on Instant Payments, FedNow, Fraud, Liability, and It's a Wonderful Life 29:15 15 Dec 2022 Dan Baum from the Federal Reserve on FedNow, Instant Payments, Fraud, Risk, use cases 22:09 1 December 2022 Jack Baldwin of BHMI and Nathan Churchward of Cuscal on Faster Payments in Australia, Lessons Learned, and a top NYC restaurant to hit 35:22 17 November 2022 Matt Howarter of Walmart on Instant Payments, point of sale, ecommerce, user experience, fraud, irrevocability 34:18 27 Oct. 2022 Moa Agrell of Trustly and Dean Nolan of Fifth Third Bank on faster payments APIs, irrevocability, point of sale, ecommerce, FedNow, RTP 32:49 13 Oct. 2022 Kevin Christensen of Shazam on FedNow, RTP, Community Financial Institutions, CBDCs 34:25 22 Sept 2022 Anthony Walton of Iliad solutions on ISO 20022, blockchain for faster payments, fraud 26:30 8 Sept. 2022 Al Bodine of Bankers' Bank on the role of a bankers bank, the important of faster payments, blockchain, and APIs 21:18 25 August 2022 Srinivas Chintakrinda of Volante Technologies on payments overload, ISO 20022, use cases, and digital assets 30:00 11 August 2022 Gail Hillebrand from NCL and Adam Rust from NCRC on Financial Inclusion, CBDCs, faster payments use cases 30:54 28 July 2022 Scott Green of Shazam and Steve Mott of BetterBuyDesign on QR Codes for Faster Payments, Interoperability, Point of Sale, and premium whiskeys 35:26 14 July 2022 Rusiru Gunasena of Jack Henry on faster payments implementation, use cases, APP fraud, NFTs 28:10 30 Jun 2022 Art Brieske of Goldman Sachs and Jim Magats of PayPal on Pay by Bank, Open Banking, CBDC, and irrevocability 34:10 9 June 2022 Mike Bilski from North American Banking Company on faster payments, crypto, community banks, RTP, FedNow, and the future of payments 22:11 26 May 2022 Vlad Jovanovic from PSCU and Jorge Jimenez from Juniper Payments on payments modernization, automation, use cases, digital assets, and crypto 41:46 12 May 2022 Sumit Arora from Wells Fargo on payments modernization, fintechs, and faster payments 21:48 28 April 2022 James Sellick of Ripple and Barry Tooker of iSoftware4Banks on cross border payments, international, crypto, and digital assets 28:53 14 April 2022 Deborah Baxley of Paygility and Andrew Haskell of BNY Mellon on faster payments fraud, the metaverse, and mobile payments 33:18 24 Mar 2022 Kevin Miyamoto from Identifee on faster payments training, data, banks, and education 34:13 10 Mar 2022 Eric Foust from Trustly on open banking, RTP transactions, FedNow, and faster payments trends 29:04 24 Feb 2022 Peter Tapling from PTap Advisory on faster payments directory, corporate treasurers, and businesses 34:43 10 Feb 2022 Carl Slabicki from BNY Mellon on FedNow, point of sale, instant payments use cases, and RTP 34:08 27 Jan 2022 Peter Davey from The Clearing House on RTP, instant payments, cryptocurrency, and payments data 31:31