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Show #2.1- Conversation with LA Lakers Joel Berry II
August 23, 2018 Preston Phillips, Charles Richert, Parker O'Leary
This week on JABO: The boys are back! Summer break is over and Parker is still talking too much in the intro. The boys talk about some preseason football and then spend some time with LA Lakers rookie and former UNC star, Joel Berry II. Joel talks about playing at UNC, dancing with Roy Williams, getting ready for the NBA season, and what it's like in a cryochamber. All this and more on the first episode of season 2! Follow @showjabo on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Credits: Logo-Luke Engel, Outro music provided by "Good Little Giants". Check them out on iTunes, Spotify, and wherever else music is sold.

Episode Transcript

Speaker 1:0:22Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the outside podcast. Now your host, Richard Parker, a weary and Creston Phillips.

Speaker 2:0:35Welcome back everyone to just a bit outside. We are bronze, we are beautiful, and we are all either engaged to be married or married after a wonderful summer break. So summertime, romance, little summertime. Romance. Gentlemen, how are we?

Speaker 3:0:57Well, I'll jump in first to both of you and Austin tour, avid listeners. It has been a great summer,

Speaker 2:1:04um,

Speaker 3:1:05for myself. I've been able to see both press and entirely in person,

Speaker 2:1:09um,

Speaker 3:1:10and also have been able to get some rest and relax.

Speaker 2:1:14Okay, that's enough.

Speaker 3:1:15Nope. No, I'm still going to spend a nice fine weekend Lake Okoboji, uh, with my family. And uh, we also miss you, dear avid listeners and we are excited to be back with you.

Speaker 2:1:28Alright. Pressing you want to go now? I had a great summer. Great. Okay, cool.

Speaker 3:1:36Thanks. Glad to. Glad you got a really personal there. Hey, precedent you a, how is a company this summer or any big life changes you want to tell us about?

Speaker 2:1:46No, none that come to the top of my head. We'll ask la later. She might have. I think he rearranged his apartment. Right? You did do that. I did rearrange my apartment. Yeah. Lot more space. You can call Ellie. You can now call her Lebron because she finally got a ring. Lebron had one in Miami. Dude, I know that I should have said I'm about to quit the show after that. Uh, we are seriously that. We are thrilled to be back. We have missed talking sports and we've missed a bantering with each other. And you guys. We're gonna. We're gonna hop right in. And we have a great interview tonight with I guess this morning whenever this podcast is released, we've got, um, should I tell him, am I allowed to tell them? Tell them, tell him Joel Barry the second, the tar heel legend. And a current guard for the Los Angeles Lakers. Talk to us. I'm honestly just a great guy. Um, someone you want to hang out with. He was really gracious with his time. And uh, we, we learned a lot. So we hope that. We hope that you guys enjoy that interview. You respond

Speaker 3:3:00because I remember many times when we plus three would be sitting on a couch in are either dorm room or apartment watching UNC games in March and Joel will be applying because he was around the same time in us and so it was really fun to just talk with them and really fun engaging guy and wish them the best of luck with the Lakers. The seasons.

Speaker 2:3:21Is it weird that he. He's actually younger than us. We just interviewed a celebrity who's younger than us. Yeah. It is funny because I mean like you do have butterflies in your stomach and you try not to because it's like I would never get nervous talking to a friend that's younger than me. Um, but I don't know. It's true. It's true. Maybe you guys weren't. I don't know.

Speaker 3:3:45No, I wasn't there. I was definitely nervous, but he was. Once you get any deal and you realize he is just a guy who's just like you, he just happens to play basketball in front of millions of people and as a national shame championship drink.

Speaker 2:3:58Oh yeah. Just like us was national now.

Speaker 3:4:00Yeah. And plays place the La Lakers with one of the greatest basketball player of all times is they're like, oh yeah, just normal average guy. Nothing different.

Speaker 2:4:08Nope. Nothing different places in a gym hoops the same height. Yeah. Yeah. So, uh, we'll uh, we'll get into that here in a bit, but first want to top off some headlines for you here. We're not going to get into this because the news might change, but at the time the episode episodes released, but urban Meyer will be suspended for the first three games of Ohio state season. And uh, basically what we want to park the car on tonight is parsing through my favorite time of the year, which is a preseason football backup quarterback. Heaven. Really, this, this podcast was formed on the backs of a lot of backup quarterbacks. So we, um, I'm excited it's been a, it's been a good preseason, but really what it's all been about, um, this year has been rookie quarterbacks, Josh and Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen, and then of course a Baker Mayfield have all honestly done in, in Lamar Jackson have, have all played, have all played really well. If you had to choose one now, knowing what we do, would you still take Baker Mayfield number one, parker?

Speaker 3:5:15Um, I'm definitely on the hard knocks bias, right? Oh yeah. Maybe I've bought in hard so I would absolutely still take baker. He actually, I was, I'm not the biggest fan of that pick when it was made initially. Um, but watching him in hard knocks, I'm, he is obviously incredibly talented but also a leader and I think it will be great for the Cleveland Bounds. Maybe not this year because tire out Taylor is also incredible for them, but longterm I think he's definitely the answer. The Cleveland.

Speaker 2:5:45So Preston, hold on a second. Let me ask you this. Why is it that we are okay with Sam darnold starting a, but we're not okay with Baker Mayfield even though nobody has that. The browns took the wrong guy yet. What? Like what, what is the difference and are you okay with, with Baker's sitting out for the whole year?

Speaker 4:6:07I'm absolutely okay with it. One because if Baker has to play, it means rounds are losing and tie. Rod Isn't getting the job done. And to I know, I know everybody's watching hard knocks and they tend to focus on baker quite a bit. I'll tell you what, tie Rod, I mean he is the heart and soul of that team right now. I mean he's out there given coaching tips to Hugh Jackson. He's out there in the off season organizing workouts with receivers and tight ends and that's part of the reason first preseason game. He went five for five 99 yards and a touchdown to start off. I mean he's just, he's a consummate professional. I think he's always been undervalued. A, he's got a chip on his shoulder and my prediction, the browns come out week one and take care of business and beat the steelers. I said, I said it,

Speaker 3:7:01Charlie, to you as our backup quarterback expert, which non bookie backup has most impressed you this preseason?

Speaker 2:7:11That's actually a good question. And you've got your staples moving forward. You've got your chase, Daniel, who's had another mega preseason and he's done pretty well. A really. I've enjoyed watching rg three. I watched him get some late, late third and fourth quarter snaps against the colts. He, he, he looked pretty good and of course I think one guy that a lot of people have sort of misunderestimated because of what happened to the colts last year, but Jacoby Brissett, he, he's a good backup quarterback. He's got stats that have looked good. Of course you never really know what's going to happen with guys like Paxton Lynch. Landry Jones is another classic backup

Speaker 4:7:55these days. You hear a Denver Broncos fans created a go fund me to help pay for whatever the cap hit would be for releasing Paxton Lynch. I mean, that's truly remarkable. What's happening

Speaker 2:8:08there. He and I don't know, is Trevor Simeon W. where's Trevor Siemian at these days? That might have to be a quick google search.

Speaker 3:8:15Does anybody else feel bad for Paxton Lynch? He's like, right. She's like 23 or 24 is getting booed off the field in a preseason game. I mean, I know he hasn't been the best for Denver, but I mean come on Denver fans preseason. Somebody else.

Speaker 4:8:32By the way, what so man is with the Vikings by the way.

Speaker 3:8:37I mean, in going back to Paxton Lynch, I mean there's no way he's going to be the starter, so why even waste your energy or oxygen on billing somebody?

Speaker 4:8:47I think it's just because he's, he's, he's

Speaker 2:8:49post to be your guy, you know, like he supposed to be your guy and, and you've got to pay case keenum x amount of dollars when you should be starting Paxton Lynch. So probably just some frustration there. Of course. How could I miss this? Teddy, Teddy, touchdown. Teddy Bridgewater has been probably the most fun story for me this year in the preseason and I don't know what's going to happen with him. I'm, I'm hearing it's most likely going to be trey. He's going to be trade bait and I keep hearing that like he and rg three are going to be trade bait, but I don't. Where are those guys going to go? I mean, who, who knows that you know, unless a starter gets hurt or a good backup gets hurt, I don't know where those guys are going to go. I hope they both end up on a team, but it's been a fun preseason and I think this year more than ever I've sort of awoken to the realization that preseason football really at its core is incredibly a worthless, so

Speaker 3:9:42I mean the best about preseason for me is not the games but the practices and especially following on twitter or the eagles insider and blogs and you having to watch grainy videos from taking from like 200 yards away of like Carson Wentz doing some seven on seven drills or doing some knee during some warmups or it's just like useless things that we will are so football driven and we're so hungry for football content that we will only eat anything up now when almost nothing when very little that happens now in mid to late August will translate into October, November in moving forward into the playoffs.

Speaker 2:10:29And how bad is it when I'm sitting here looking up nate orchards salary cap and how much he's gonna not make if he doesn't make the team with the browns. That's how. I mean that's how bad it is that we've. I mean, I'm so knee deep in the hard knocks, it's not even funny, but do you watch episode three yet? Yeah, I'm all caught up or we literally watched it. We were at 9:59 PM eastern standard and refreshed it and when it hit 10 and we watched the episode, so five Wiley is the goat. His Gut muscles are unbelievable when he's saying hut, hut, hike. I've never seen it. Gut Muscle like that and he drives a Maserati, but he looks like your uncle that hasn't changed his shirt and like three or four years he's got barbecue stands for last years, fourth of July party. So. So yeah, I mean I, I think that the rookie quarterbacks have, have kind of surprised me.

Speaker 2:11:23Um, I don't know what's going to happen moving forward with guys like Josh Allan. We just, we don't know yet. Well, Josh Allen could be in the market to start week one. I know Andrea mccarren down and that's like, that's true. But we still don't know what they're going to be like because nobody on defense. These coaches aren't game planning for these preseason games. So just so meaningless, um, I honestly though I have been really impressed with Baker Mayfield, but I think to Taylor deserves that. He deserves his own team, a desk. At what point does he just someone just as like, he's our guy, there's, there's no one else we can bring in. It just seems like everyone talks about and like you said, it press and he's the consummate professional and like I get that, but at one of these days it's like, who's going to be like, no, this is our guy and we don't want to bring in anyone else, but maybe he's just destined for a career because he's not. He's a really good game manager. I mean, I guess there's no market for those guys anymore.

Speaker 3:12:27I also just want to bring up one point that is totally irrelevant to our current conversation, but also in the same vein, very relevant. Bob Wiley is also the name of the main character and the 1991 comedy hit. What about Bob starring Bill Murray? So told her Bill Murray fanatic fans out there. You're welcome.

Speaker 2:12:51So I guess the question is precedent. We need to have a side bet for this year. Who's going to have more wins? The browns were the colts and what's on what's on the line here? Hm. Park third party. Arbitrator mediator. Who else? Do we need to do another mic? Rib. But here. I mean I've never had a crib in my life.

Speaker 3:13:16To be honest with you. I, I, I think I make riverbed is fair. But also, I can't believe I'm about to say this, but I think that it is way more likely that the browns are going to have more wins than the court, so I think that we should give the browns say like they should have at least one or two more wins.

Speaker 2:13:36No, I don't need that. I don't need that. The colts will say, I'll say the culture going to have more wins than that.

Speaker 3:13:44At the end of this year. I'm giving you a helpline here with Andrew Luck and is banged up shoulder. Here's the, here's the hard knocks and we see the grounds and really turn it around. I'm giving you a lifeline here.

Speaker 2:13:57Here's the. Here's the. The people from offer here. Colts have more, either of our teams have more wind than the other. If they don't make grid for four days, every male. Every. No just for dinner. Four days in a row. Who deal like the taste of make rib? Let's do five. Let's do five. We'll do a full business week. Hope you like prison food. Yeah.

Speaker 3:14:26Yeah. I ended up also. We should have a mcflurry as well. That's going to do some.

Speaker 2:14:30No, I made them money. Nick Rib and Diet Dr Pepper.

Speaker 3:14:38No Diet Dr. pepper is better. Yeah.

Speaker 2:14:40Ribbon Diet. Dr. Pepper for Charlie's normal meal. That's not even a punishment. I'll shake. I'm sticking my hand out to shake now. Alright. I'm shaking it back. Shake my hand. I just did. All right. Hey, let's get on the Joel barrier the second. How about. Yeah. Uh, as we get into it, there's just a slight chance that there's some technical difficulties. So if the interview ends abruptly, we would just like to apologize for that. Uh, but we love talking to Joel Berry. Wonderful Guy. Uh, we don't, we don't get a chance to sit down with guys like that very often. And just ask some questions. We've always wondered. He tells us a lot about North Carolina. Tells us a lot about first time you met Lebron guys. What'd you think about the interview before we get into it real quick? I mean, like I said, he's just, he's a great guy. Um, he's one of those guys that you feel like you've known for a while when you talk to him. So he was gracious with our time, with his time. Excuse me. And uh, I, I really liked it and I think, I think we all have something to learn from the interview. We will. We're going to learn a lot about.

Speaker 3:15:55I think the biggest part for me was learning about his time coming in at UNC and he was a five star recruit and having to basically set the bench and he was not an immediate sorter and taking that time to develop as a player and also and also as a person. Um, and then that obviously helped him later on in his career at UNC and also hopefully moving on with the Lakers and longterm in the MBA.

Speaker 2:16:19Well, spoiler alert. Yeah. Gees. Needless to say, we are now ally pro Joel Barry, the second a podcast with a friend of the show runner, the show. We're Joel Berry, the third podcast as Joel Berry. So, uh, we're, we're big Joel Berry guys. So, uh, thanks for getting this far. Or maybe you just fast forwarded directly to the interview, so take it away. Okay. We are joined now by Joel Barry, the second former North Carolina Tar heel point guard and current member of the Los Angeles Lakers. I'm going to take a big deep breath and get his career highlights and awards out for you guys. He is a three time Florida. Mr. Basketball and Mcdonald's all American, an ACC tournament in vp. He's been first and second team, all ACC and third team, all American. He is a final for most outstanding player and an Ncaa champion. Joel, how are you tonight? I'm doing. I'm pretty good. Where are you at tonight?

Speaker 5:17:27In La?

Speaker 2:17:29In La. I was training camps, aren't, has any of that stuff started yet?

Speaker 5:17:36September 24th, I believe.

Speaker 2:17:38What does a normal day in la look for you? What's that like for you right now?

Speaker 5:17:44Yeah, I pretty much get up every morning,

Speaker 2:17:48get to the gym and do work

Speaker 5:17:50workouts and stuff in the weight room. And then I get on court and then um, I do some recovery stuff and I'm, I'm done about, I will say 12 or 1:00, so I get it in early and get out of there. So

Speaker 2:18:05now if you were a basketball player, what do you think you'd be doing right now?

Speaker 5:18:12Uh, I mean I've been doing it for so long, man. I, I, I can't tell you what I would be doing right now. I'm hopefully trying to find a job.

Speaker 2:18:21So who is your, who is your favorite basketball player when you were growing up?

Speaker 5:18:27Um, I was more of a, I just watched basketball. I never really had somebody I looked up to. Um, I just like watching it, um, and the guy that I've always been looking up to and, and just like as a person who's Lebron, um, and uh, that's pretty much the only guy. But other than that I just enjoy watching everybody that played basketball.

Speaker 2:18:55Have you met Lebron data? Have you been able to talk to him at all?

Speaker 5:18:58I have, I've met him. I was doing some recovery stuff, um, because I'm still coming off an ankle injury. Um, and so I was doing my rehab and stuff and um, he came up to me and it actually surprised me, you know, that he knew my name. So that was a pretty special moment, you know, meeting somebody that

Speaker 2:19:20you always lived up.

Speaker 3:19:23Yeah. What's that like having somebody like Lebron who you've kind of grown up watching, idolizing, and then now you're ending up and your teammates. You can also think of it as coworkers as well. What's that? Light is shifting from a mindset of a theater now the teammate.

Speaker 5:19:42Right? Right. Yeah. Yeah. I mean it's an honor to play with somebody like that. I mean, I've watched him throughout his career. He's a special player and um, it's just an honor and a blessing to be able to come in, coming straight out of college and my first year and be able to see somebody like that and then see how they train. They carry themselves. Um, so like I said, it's definitely a blessing to be around somebody like him.

Speaker 2:20:14So real quick to kind of backtrack before we get into some Lakers questions. I have a few questions about your time at North Carolina at first of all, there has been some pretty cool videos of you guys dancing with Roy Williams after the game. What are you, are you a better dancer within coach Williams?

Speaker 5:20:34Uh, I believe I am.

Speaker 2:20:44What's coach William's like go to move? He does

Speaker 5:20:48like Shimmy shake with his hips. I don't know what he calls the bread every time someone is as she's going to move

Speaker 2:20:57definitely seems like a sprinkler kind of guy.

Speaker 5:21:01Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm pretty sure if he could, if he could move a little bit, but I'm pretty sure that be one is moved

Speaker 2:21:09warrior Williams light as a, like a pregame motivational speaker. Did he ever have some zingers for ya?

Speaker 5:21:16I'm not really. He's not one of those. He just, he just tells us to go out there and just get in the game. And that's the one thing that I've taken from him was, you know, you get yourself lost in and get lost in the game. Sometimes you feel yourself and enjoying the game and you know, you, you just don't think about it. You just go out there and just play basketball. That's like how, you know how to play. And so, um, every time I go out there and take the court, I just always try to get lost in staying engaged in the game. And that's one of the things that I've taken from him from his pregame speeches,

Speaker 2:22:00Joel, huge basketball fans. But we also love the college traditions at the football and basketball level. And North Carolina is synonymous with just North Carolina basketball specifically as such a storied, um, school in such a storied tradition. What was it like playing for four years and bringing a national title to, to a school that's been such, such a legendary school and the basketball, the basketball space. What was that like?

Speaker 5:22:30I mean, it was, it was an honor to play for a program like that. I mean everywhere you all gave her where you go, um, you know, there's always a Carolina basketball fan, you can be all the way across the country and you find somebody who likes a Carolina basketball and um, you know, each and every time you took the court, you know, that the other team they were playing you just because you know, they, you know, they had to play. There were other reasons too and just how the program is and people take pride in and playing against Carolina. You had to bring your a game and so this is the place for a program like that and not. And also to play for a program that has such a big following and always can find a Carolina basketball fan.

Speaker 2:23:25Did you, did you really understand what the rivalry between Duke and Carolina was like until you got into it? And then what was it like once you, once you were in the rivalry?

Speaker 5:23:37I mean, just watching it on TV when I was in high school, you know, you could kind of to um, you know, that game meant a little bit more than, you know, all the other games, but you know, you really don't understand it until you actually get in it and you know, the fans is what makes it, uh, they make it a rivalry. And um, I've met people who say like when they drive, you know, if they see like a Carolina fan that they see somebody would have duke sticker on their, on their car, they won't even let him over in traffic.

Speaker 4:24:10It is. Yeah. It's crazy.

Speaker 5:24:12Just like when that we, uh, going up to the game, I mean, you can just feel it all throughout campus and everywhere you go,

Speaker 3:24:23obviously you are, you facing in that final and the final shop at cushing cushing against and you have to sit on that shot for months on end getting ready for next season, which eventually win the national championship. How did you and your teammates get yourself mentally prepared for that season and then make that long on March?

Speaker 5:24:46Um, you know, everybody just had, had one goal in mind and that's what really helped us get back national championship and when it was just because we knew we had that one goal and we weren't worried about anything else and you know, halfway through the season, you know, we, we kind of hit a little slump where we weren't playing our best basketball at the we at one to Maui I'm championship. And so, uh, but towards the end of the season we started playing our best basketball and uh, I just think it's because everybody kept that one goal in mind. And so throughout that whole summer of just training, we knew that we were just trying to get to that one thing and that was to get back to the national championship and win it. And um, when you have one thing like that that you can focus on and all the other things are just out the window, you know, it's easy to stay focused on a, on a common goal.

Speaker 4:25:46Sometimes when these championship teams, when they, they can always look back at like one moment where rides there, that's when it switched. Is there anything for you in that season where, you know, after this game or after this practice or this event, like it was on, like you guys knew you could win a championship?

Speaker 5:26:08Yeah. Um, it was, we had plenty of Virginia and it was a pretty bad game up at Virginia and we came back and coach, he usually doesn't do this, but um, we've watched the entire name and um, our defense and that game was horrible and we had got tired of the coach is always talking about Ip fence and then, you know, you hear on tv about the toughness and everything. And um, so after that game, that's what really changed our team, found it changed the whole season around because that's the debt we locked in defensively. And it didn't matter. We had a lot of people on the team that can score the ball. But once our team locked in defensively, it was hard to beat us. And that's why we have such a great run after that. Um, and that was, that was really the turning point during our season.

Speaker 4:27:04Defense wins championships, right?

Speaker 5:27:07Yeah, they, they really do. I mean, it sounds repetitive and uh, but it, I mean, it's true.

Speaker 4:27:15Who were, who were some of the leaders on that team, obviously we kind of know you were and how you played on the field, how you competed. There were some of the other guys who would just step up when you needed somebody to step up.

Speaker 5:27:28Yeah. Um, the good thing is we, you know, we had our five starters who play majority of the minutes. We had guys like Nate Britt and pension who came off the bench and I think that was really the game changer for us because, um, you know, you, like I said, you have your five guys that played majority of the minutes, but sometimes you can beat a team, um, you know, which are bench and outscoring the bench. And our guys came in and they gave us great minutes. Um, those two, those two guys. And uh, actually we had another guy named Tony Bradley who freshmen, um, those guys came in and they gave us great minutes off the bench and that's why we always said that it took a whole team, not just the five guys who started the game. It's about the guys who come in and give us good minutes. And I really think that was the key reason why we, um, you know, make that championship run was because we had a bench and um, the guys coming off the bench and given us good minutes.

Speaker 4:28:31I mean, when you come out of North Carolina, do you have like, are you friends with those guys or you just teammates? Oh yes,

Speaker 5:28:38no, no, we're, we're, we're friends forever. It's just like, it's a bond that not many teams have. And I think that's what made us special team was we weren't there just to, you play basketball. We like knew each individual and what their life stories were, where they came from. And um, it just felt like a family and not just a basketball team.

Speaker 3:29:02Another unique thing as well about the camaraderie is different than a lot of basketball players that you stayed all four years and you also started three years. Can you talk about how that experience helped you throughout your time in college, especially moving on into your junior and senior years, your experience and also through leadership on the team?

Speaker 5:29:25Yeah. It just, you know, it taught me to be patient, um, you know, going in as a five star recruit in a program like that. You know, I thought that I wanted to key guys. I'm know as the summer went along and kind of the season started. I kind of knew that that wasn't my role and that coach Williams had other guys who were his main guys at the time and so it just taught me to be patient and just continue to work hard and I'm just do what I have to do to show the coaches that um, you know, that I really wanted to contribute to the team and be one of those guys that he can rely on. And um, you know, freshman year was hard, but when sophomore year came around, I mean that hard work that I've put in my freshman year and not giving up it, it eventually got me a starting spot my sophomore year and um, and the biggest thing is, like I said, it just taught me to be patient and wait my time and that you don't always have to rush just to get somewhere, you know. Uh, it's not about how fast you get there, it's just, I mean eventually you're going to get there, some people just take different paths and I think that's why these stand for years was good for me. It's just that's my path and that was my destiny. So

Speaker 2:30:52freshman year experience is kind of happening all over again. With the draft process that you just went through and then you signing with the Lakers, do you feel like having that experiences is going to help you moving forward?

Speaker 5:31:04Oh yeah. Yeah. It's, it'll definitely help me through this process. I just know that no, I have to show up each and every day and work hard and put in the time. And I know that, um, you know, someone's always watching and, you know, I would never let anybody out work me, so I'm just continuing to just push and to continue just to, uh, just remember that, you know, my path is a little different than everybody else's. Um, it just continuing to have fun and enjoy this process and that's what I'm, that's what I'm doing right now. So

Speaker 2:31:42what are you most excited about when you think about yourself starting your planning, your first NBA game, what, what excites you most about the opportunity to be an NBA player?

Speaker 5:31:52Uh, yes, yes. The dream of, of, you know, wanting to make it to the NBA. I'm, you know, I'm excited about that and I can't wait to put on that Jersey and step out there for the first time. Um, but yeah, it's, it's an exciting time for me. And I know, like I said, I took a different path, you know, it's gonna take a little bit more work to get to where I want to be. But um, like I said, I'm just enjoying this process. I'm just looking forward to getting this started and I'm just going to be, it's going to be a lot of fun.

Speaker 2:32:29Well, we're going to be really excited to watch. So. So now that we have you, we watch, we watched you guys play a lot and we just have a few questions we know ever get to ask for. We always wondered, uh, for one of my question, that is, what is it like playing in those massive football stadiums because it feels like you would, I would just be so thrilled. So thrown off by that when you're used to such an intimate setting, you know, in the college ranks and then all of a sudden they throw you guys into those huge like Lucas oil stadium type places. What's that like?

Speaker 5:33:05Honestly, it's a lot of fun. A little different than playing in those smaller spaces, but I honestly think it's a lot of fun. The only thing is, is you know, the percentages. If you look at the stat sheet, you know, the shooting or stuff is kind of not as good. But um, I mean, for example, like in the national championship game, a game, it was more of a defensive game because no one could eat to shop. So, uh, I think that's the biggest negative about it, but honestly, I mean it's fun to play in and I liked the idea and if I could do it again I would. So it's a lot of fun.

Speaker 2:33:50So when you're at the biggest stage, when you're, you know, the whole nation is watching you guys play or those nerves, like, are you really nervous or are you like just focus because like is it, is it like a, is it worse than like, oh, I got a public, I got to do some public speaking. Is that that kind of nervous or are you just so locked in that you don't even notice the nerves?

Speaker 5:34:11Uh, it was definitely nerve wracking, but for me I just tried. I just tried to be who I, who I am and just smile and just enjoy it and not, you know, sit there and be uptight and thinking that I have to focus just because it's a national championship game. I tried to approach it just like any other game and I think that's what Kinda helped me and the team was that we were laughing and joking around and that just helped us to go out there and just play loose and not play uptight. So uh, yeah, it was just nerve wracking. But you gotta try to just enjoy it and um, and just try to be loose

Speaker 2:34:55when you were in the tournament or any of your teammates ever fill out a march madness bracket.

Speaker 5:35:04Oh, I've never felt. I've never filled it out. Um, I don't think any of my teammates have a. But the only reason why I really paid attention to it was because my mom always.

Speaker 2:35:22Yeah,

Speaker 5:35:23knew how he always put us in the international championship game. But that's the only thing I would ask her, what her breakfast was like.

Speaker 2:35:37Do you ever in any of those Cairo chamber things like those, like to recover? Do you use any of that stuff? Don't even pronounce that right. Cryo Cryo Chamber?

Speaker 5:35:48Yeah. Yeah, I like it. I kinda like it better because I mean you get cold for a little bit, Nicole, to where you have to sit there and, and adjust to the water. So

Speaker 2:36:03that seems like part of recovery for me.

Speaker 5:36:07Yeah, it is. Like when I first started doing the cold tub, I mean I could only stand up for like two minutes. You got to stay in there for at least three to four minutes and you got to take the pain with it and it wants you to wash your legs are numb. Is that those first two or three minutes? Yeah, it's pretty tough.

Speaker 6:36:28Yes.

Speaker 2:36:32Well hopefully you guys enjoyed the conversation with Joel. We sure did. And we. Thanks again to Joel for, for your time. We are excited to be back and next week, next couple of weeks we look forward to diving in to some nfl previews and we will give you a recap of our fantasy league draft and we'll do some trash talk there and some more side bets hopefully, and maybe some giveaways for you guys. So, uh, thank you guys for listening and Godspeed. Oh, we are.

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