#44 Project Jupyter and Interactive Computing

October 15, 2018 DataCamp Season 1 Episode 44
#44 Project Jupyter and Interactive Computing
Show Notes

In this episode of DataFramed, Hugo speaks with Brian Granger, co-founder and co-lead of Project Jupyter, physicist and co-creator of the Altair package for statistical visualization in Python.

They’ll speak about data science, interactive computing, open source software and Project Jupyter. With over 2.5 million public Jupyter notebooks on github alone, Project Jupyter is a force to be reckoned with. What is interactive computing and why is it important for data science work? What are all the the moving parts of the Jupyter ecosystem, from notebooks to JupyterLab to JupyterHub and binder and why are they so relevant as more and more institutions adopt open source software for interactive computing and data science? From Netflix running around 100,000 Jupyter notebook batch jobs a day to LIGO’s Nobel prize winning discovery of gravitational waves publishing all their results reproducibly using Notebooks, Project Jupyter is everywhere. 

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Machines that Multi-Task (with Friederike Schüür of Fast Forward Labs)

Part 1 at ~24:40

Part 2 at ~44:00

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