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Episode 6 - Water-Based Systems with Matt McTyre

December 10, 2020 ORR Protection Systems Season 1 Episode 6
Mission Critical Fire Protection Podcast powered by ORR Protection
Episode 6 - Water-Based Systems with Matt McTyre
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In Episode 6 of The Mission Critical Fire Protection Podcast, Lee Kaiser sits down with ORR's Matt McTyre. Matt tells some of his favorite stories from his tenure in the fire protection industry, his take on fire sprinkler and other water-based systems, and they discuss the future of mission critical fire protection.

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Intro (00:07):

Welcome to MCFP: Meet the Experts where ORR Protections' VP of Engineering, Lee Kaiser, interviews industry insiders on all things mission critical fire protection.

Lee Kaiser (00:19):

I'm here with Matt McTyre, Business Development Manager for the Southeast region and fire sprinklers. And so welcome. We're glad to have you here. I've got some questions on, how did you get into fire protection?

Matt McTyre (00:30):

Well, I'm lucky enough to be a third generation fire sprinkler person. My grandfather was the Southeastern Director of Engineering for Grinnell for 26 years.

Lee Kaiser (00:40):

Oh, that's a long time name.

Matt McTyre (00:42):

He decided to start a sprinkling company in 1968. So 1973, when I was born, I grew up in a fab shop, the smell of cutting oil, and it's just been in my blood since day I was born.

Lee Kaiser (00:55):

Oh, that's great. I'm sure during this time you've had lots of different projects you're on. Is there a specific project that's one of your favorites or are certain project type that you really like to do?

Matt McTyre (01:06):

I've always been partial to large new construction projects. I like ground up construction. I like dealing with architects and general contractors from beginning on. I like designing systems, starting outside the building, moving all the way in. I love the smell of concrete. I like wearing a hardhat on job while things are being constructed. That's my type of job.

Lee Kaiser (01:28):

So Greenfield projects, you know, start to finish, lots of pipe in the air.

New Speaker (01:33):

Absolutely getting that big delivery truck with tons of steel pipe. That's my kind of job.

Lee Kaiser (01:39):

So, you know, long career, but are there any type of projects that you haven't got to do that you'd like to in the future?

Matt McTyre (01:48):

Since I've been at ORR Protection, I have an image in my head of doing a data center park or a large data center. These projects where they're building 12, 15, 20 data center base buildings with fire sprinkler first and then the tenants come in. I could see us doing that in the future. You know, a large data center technology park that is all ORR from start to finish.

Lee Kaiser (02:14):

Is there any associated technology with fire sprinklers or other water-based systems that gets you excited?

Matt McTyre (02:22):

I like the water mist, especially the DuraQuench systems that are being developed by Fike. And actually everyone's doing one now. Siemens has a version, everyone's doing a type of water mist that is, it's like a hybrid. It's a lower pressure water mist that delves more into my world, which is a hybrid between fire sprinkler and water mist.

Lee Kaiser (02:41):

That's really new to us too. We've done lots of high pressure water mist systems but they look a little less like a sprinkler system than, you know, the medium pressure, low pressure water mist systems that DuraQuench represents. How about industries or applications? Are there any of those things that you feel you're an expert at?

Matt McTyre (03:01):

An expert, you know, as always, you take lightly in my position. You don't want to call yourself an expert because it puts you under the light sometimes but I feel I'm qualified in many, many areas. Especially just general construction, fire sprinkler systems. Anything having to do with storage applications, automotive, big box retail, rack storage systems. That is more of what I feel like I am a highly competent would be my way of saying.

Lee Kaiser (03:36):

Well again, Matt McTyre, Business Development Manager in Southeast for fire sprinklers with ORR Protection. Thanks for your time.

Matt McTyre (03:43):

Thank you.

Outro (03:44):

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Interview with Mat McTyre