Mission Critical Fire Protection Podcast powered by ORR Protection

Episode 7 - Engineered Fire protection with Chris Sickels

December 24, 2020 ORR Protection Systems Season 1 Episode 7
Mission Critical Fire Protection Podcast powered by ORR Protection
Episode 7 - Engineered Fire protection with Chris Sickels
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In Episode 7 of The Mission Critical Fire Protection Podcast, Lee Kaiser sits down with ORR's Chris Sickles. Chris discusses his tenure in the fire protection industry, his take on engineered fire protection, and they discuss the future of mission critical fire protection.

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Intro (00:07):

Welcome to MCFP: Meet the Experts where ORR Protection's VP of Engineering, Lee Kaiser ,interviews industry insiders on all things mission critical fire protection.

Lee Kaiser (00:19):

I'm here with Chris Sickels. Chris is an account manager for ORR Protection in Cincinnati, Ohio and covers the Ohio market. And Chris, I'd like to know how did you get into fire protection?

Chris Sickels (00:29):

Sure, thanks for asking me. So my grandfather actually got me into fire protection. He, back in the day, it was, worked for a smaller local company out of the Akron area. And, anyhow, he actually remodeled the building that they were in and they were letting him know that they needed somebody to come in and kind of start at the ground level, recharging extinguishers going out in the field, learning kitchen hood fire suppression systems. And at the time I was attending the University of Akron and obviously I was going there full time. And, obviously cash-flow when you're in college is always, always an issue. So, anyhow, my grandfather talked to me, I went in for a interview and was awarded the job. So, anyhow, that was a little over 20 years ago. So, I actually started in that, in the industry due to my grandfather and thanks to my grandfather, so.

Lee Kaiser (01:27):

Oh, that's a neat story. Was really a family story, a lot of family connections in fire protection. So what's your favorite project you've ever worked on?

Chris Sickels (01:36):

One of my favorite projects was actually a government project in outside of Terre Haute, Indiana. And it was actually a facility where they broke down the nerve gas at the time. And it was something that had just sat out in the open before 9/11 and it was just more or less in bunkers. And, anyhow, they built an entire facility to break the nerve gas down. And the company that I worked for at the time supplied all the fire protection for that facility. And it was a really interesting, highly, highly secured area. You know, just a very, very neat project that had multiple different systems that we installed at the time.

Lee Kaiser (02:28):

Was it interesting for the types of systems? You said multiple systems.

Speaker 3 (02:31):

Yes, it was. So it had a combination of special fire protection or engineered fire protection. It also had sprinklers as well as fire alarms.

Lee Kaiser (02:41):

The whole package.

Chris Sickels (02:41):

It had the entire package with it, yes.

Lee Kaiser (02:44):

So if you were going to pick a dream project, something that you haven't ever worked on that you'd like to work on, what would that be?

Chris Sickels (02:53):

Very good question, Lee. And actually a hard question because I've had the wonderful opportunity to work in many different verticals. You know, college education, medical, industrial, telecom. But probably dream project would be, you know, picking up like a university again to where we're doing, you know, total, total fire alarm, mass notification, just the entire package on the fire alarm side, I guess, would be a dream project.

Lee Kaiser (03:29):

That's a good answer. So, you mentioned a few things. What kind of system do you feel that is your strong suit? What are you just truly an expert in? Or maybe it may be a couple of things.

Chris Sickels (03:40):

Engineered systems, that's always, you know, near and dear to my heart. And meaning engineered systems, I have, you know, a nerve gas background as well as, you know, other clean agents FM200, FE-25, Novec 1230. You know, low pressure/high pressure CO2 I've been involved with in the past. You know, really because the market is ever changing, I don't know if I would always, you know, consider myself an expert, but have had, you know, a wonderful opportunity to be able have knowledge in all areas of, well with fire alarm, sprinklers, and, not too much with pumps or undergrounds but outside of that, yeah.

Lee Kaiser (04:22):

So sometimes, you know, people consider that they know an application really well. In fire protection we talk about knowing an application well or an industry really well. What industries or applications do you feel are your strongest suit?

Chris Sickels (04:36):

So telecom, I feel that the telecom is definitely my strong suit with it. I have worked in that environment for many, many years, as well as, you know, college campuses. I've worked in college campuses, some as well and a few medical facilities, I would feel all of those. I would feel that would be my strong suit.

Lee Kaiser (04:57):

Well again, Chris, it was really good talking to you today. Thanks for spending a little time on camera and lending us your answers to these questions. Have a great day.

Chris Sickels (05:06):

Thank you, Lee. You as well.

Outro (05:08):

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Interview with Chris Sickles