Mission Critical Fire Protection Podcast powered by ORR Protection

Episode 12 - Fire Protection System Design and Engineering with Cory English

March 10, 2021 ORR Protection Systems Season 1 Episode 12
Mission Critical Fire Protection Podcast powered by ORR Protection
Episode 12 - Fire Protection System Design and Engineering with Cory English
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In Episode 12 of The Mission Critical Fire Protection Podcast, Lee Kaiser sits down with ORR's Cory English. Cory discusses his tenure in the fire suppression industry, his take on engineered fire protection, design of sprinkler systems, CO2 fire suppression, and they discuss the future of mission critical fire protection.

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Introduction (00:07):

Welcome to MCFP meet the experts where ORR Protections, VP of engineering, Lee Kaiser interviews, industry insiders on all things Mission-critical fire protection

Lee Kaiser (00:19):

I'm here with Corey English, Corey, your engineering supervisor for ORR Protection. Uh, Corey, tell me how you got into the fire protection industry,

Corey English (00:28):

Taking CAD classes in high school and an opportunity to co-op out to, ORR presented itself and interviewed with, um, our operations manager at the time, Mike Casper and got the job and was working four hours a day in the afternoons. And then after the summer came around, I switched to mornings and one year came after that and Mike was like, hey, would you, what are your plans for college? I didn't really have any. And he said, would you like to work here doing the same thing you're doing? And I just constantly just kind of get the little education at a time, manufacturing, schools and trainings like that. And I've turned it into an entire career. And I've been here for 24 years.

Lee Kaiser (01:13):

So you started, when you were in high school?

Corey English (01:15):

I was in high school. I was 17 years old. It was the week before Thanksgiving.

Lee Kaiser (01:19):

Oh, that's great.

Corey English (01:20):

Technically today is my 24th year anniversary. Today's the day.

Lee Kaiser (01:25):

Well, congratulations, 24 years. We're happy. We're so happy to have it. You and I get to work a lot together in engineering. So Corey, you work in our Lowville office, uh, our corporate headquarters. Tell me about what, what do you like about working at that office? Um, is it the people? Is it the, the, the place? Is it the stuff? What it, what is it?

Corey English (01:44):

It's all of it. I mean, it's it's family. I always think, I mean, it's, it's a family owned company that preaches family values and it's, you know, written into our core values that we have. And it's just a great place to work. Everybody cares about each other. Everybody's respectful of one another. And that we've just created this culture, this environment that we can just Excel at what we do.

Lee Kaiser (02:08):

So tell me a little bit about being a designer, somebody on the technical side for, or who do you work with artists?

Corey English (02:14):

Our salespeople are probably the main people we work with. You know, we gotta communicate, uh, what they quoted. And then we work with architectures and engineers. We work with local authority, uh, members, fire, marshals. We work with, uh, our operations team. So we touch every part of the business that we have.

Lee Kaiser (02:35):

So do you see, you know, that's a lot of people to talk to. Does it, do you have a lot of time to do that? Or, you know, what's the pace of work?

Corey English (02:44):

Steady- I mean, you know, you're, you're starting a project, you talk to sales, you design the system, you see it through, then you talk to operations to make sure that they can install it the way that you've designed it. And then just kind of go from there.

Lee Kaiser (02:58):

Do you think that you have in your job?

Corey English (03:00):


Corey English (03:01):

We've got fire alarm systems. You've got fire, suppression systems, whole different, other kinds of clean agents. You have different manufacturers you have to deal with. So there's, it's constantly changing. There's always going to be a new technology. We have water mist. So I mean, the way the projects come in, that's what excites me about the job is because it's always changing.

Lee Kaiser (03:21):


Lee Kaiser (03:22):

So tell me about your team. You know, you lead a team of designers. Uh, tell me about them.

Corey English (03:27):

Well, I got a team of seven designers and we do all the design and engineering for the entire company and it's all centralized in Louisville. We got a couple that are remote. We have some, a guy out on the West coast that, that serves that region and they, we all support each other, trying to do the best design that we can and, and get that out to our operations team.

Lee Kaiser (03:50):


Lee Kaiser (03:51):

Well, tell me about, what are your favorite projects? What, what projects stand out in your mind?

Corey English (03:56):

The project stands out in my mind the most is the, uh, the gala over there in San Antonio, where we did a water mist system underneath of the, uh, the platform. So they had these platforms and all the rows would either stay all flat or they would raise and be like an auditorium. Fire Marshall wanted a water mist system or a sprinkler system actually is what he asked for at first, but they couldn't provide that. So we came in with a design based solution of water mist, and that was what we protect. It was a really cool site.

Lee Kaiser (04:28):

That was a great project. So, you know, is there any type of project that you think you might want to work on in the future? Kind of like a dream project did you, haven't got to yet.

Corey English (04:37):

We we're talking about the tunnel.

Lee Kaiser (04:39):

Go ahead.

Corey English (04:39):

Oh I Mean I- .

Corey English (04:41):

Uh, right now we're doing a water mist mock up system, a test system in, uh, the Hugh Carey tunnel in New York city. And we're going to do the first one-third of that. Um, and it's going to be a water mist system that, uh, has V is very unique because we've never used this manufacturer before. And so, um, they've got certain parameters and fire tests that they've got to go through. And then also we're using a new fiber optic linear heat detection cable on the, on the ceiling. We've never used that before either. So there gonna be some challenges with trying to use that, but, you know, with the team that we have, we're going to come through,

Lee Kaiser (05:20):

What do you feel the special steps we're taking to make sure that the quality of that is there and the quality of the design?

Corey English (05:26):

I mean, through the whole process, I mean, there are weekly meetings that we have to go through with the general contractor and the customer to make sure that we're meeting, you know, scheduling dates and things like, you know, everything that they've put in their specification. So we're going to do a tunnel test in Spain to make sure that it will put the fire out the way they, the customer wants it to be put out, and then we're going to build it inside the tunnel.

Lee Kaiser (05:52):

Wow. So that, that's a really intense project,

Corey English (05:54):

absolutely fun, very long.

Lee Kaiser (05:57):

You've been working for our, for a long time. Uh, just make some predictions on what the future holds. What do you, what do you see might change in the next five, 10 years?

Corey English (06:07):

The fire industry does not change fast. I mean, it's kind of a slow process, but the technology of the control panels are probably changed there's or there's getting into wireless type systems. Um, they've got now, uh, BDA systems that they're using to help, uh, with radio antenna. And so the fire, the fire fighters can actually communicate inside a building. So those are requirements. And then any time that there's something that changes in the building code that completely will, could change things, um, with the way we do fire systems.

Lee Kaiser (06:42):

So Corey English, uh, engineering supervisor for, or protection on your 24th work anniversary with the company today. So thanks so much for spending some time with us and thanks for lending your talents to the company.

Outro (06:55):

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Interview with Corey English