Mission Critical Fire Protection Podcast powered by ORR Protection

Episdoe 13 - Mass Notification Systems with Mark Boudos

March 24, 2021 ORR Protection Systems Season 1 Episode 13
Mission Critical Fire Protection Podcast powered by ORR Protection
Episdoe 13 - Mass Notification Systems with Mark Boudos
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In Episode 13 of The Mission Critical Fire Protection Podcast, Lee Kaiser sits down with ORR's Mark Boudos. Mark discusses his tenure in the fire suppression industry, his take on engineered fire protection, mass notification systems, historic building fire protection, and they discuss the future of mission critical fire protection.

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Introduction (00:07):

Welcome to MCFP meet the experts where ORR Protection VP of engineering, Lee Kaiser, interviews industry insiders on all things Mission-critical fire protection.

Lee Kaiser (00:19):

I'm here with Mark Boudos today, Mark. Uh, I know you're an account manager for ORR Protection and you work out of our Chicago office and, you know, cover Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Northern Indiana. And, you know, thanks for spending some time with me today. Well, good. Hey, tell me, how did you get into the fire protection business? You know, a lot of us don't go straight to it. So I know you didn't either. How'd you get into it?

Mark Boudos (00:45):

Well, I was, uh, at a community college taking drafting courses and, um, uh, I was approached and asked if I wanted a part-time job as a, as a draftsman at a fire equipment company and, uh, started there and, uh, 33 years later I'm in the business.

Lee Kaiser (01:02):

That's awesome. So I'm sure you've seen a lot of different, uh, projects over that time. Can you, can you recall one of your favorite projects?

Mark Boudos (01:11):

Probably one of my favorite ones has been, uh, some of the historical buildings of downtown Chicago. Uh, I've done the Chicago cultural center, uh, city hall, Chicago, Chicago board of trade. Uh, so I kinda like working in historical buildings.

Lee Kaiser (01:23):

like it's a singular project or are there lots of things there going?

Mark Boudos (01:28):

They're constantly doing renovations in the buildings and stuff like that. So, uh, you get the core core system put in and we built off the core system on that much, those buildings over the years.

Lee Kaiser (01:38):

So, you know, with those being some of your favorite projects, is there a project that you're dreaming of something that you've never done before that you'd like to do in your career?

Mark Boudos (01:46):

Uh, probably a mass notification, uh, campus, uh, like college campus type system.

Lee Kaiser (01:53):

Why does that intrigue you?

Mark Boudos (01:54):

It's just something I haven't done yet. And, um, and mass notifications kind of like, uh, trending right now.

Mark Boudos (02:00):

So I think it'd be a good, a good way to get into it.

Lee Kaiser (02:03):

What kind of, uh, fire protection systems or products do you feel like you're an expert in?

Mark Boudos (02:08):

I've done quite a few, uh, high rise, uh, voice evacuation and fire alarm systems. I've done quite a few, uh, FM 200 Novak, 1230 systems data center work. So kind of well-rounded in a lot of that area, uh, Done, uh, some industrial, um, suppression systems also.

Lee Kaiser (02:27):

What kind of applications or industries do you feel you know best?

Mark Boudos (02:32):

Pretty much the, uh, the Chicago fire alarm, uh, codes and everything. Um, I've been doing that since, uh, the early nineties. So, um, did, uh, quite a few of class, one class, two systems, high rise, voice evac systems.

Lee Kaiser (02:46):

So what makes fire alarm in city of Chicago different?

Mark Boudos (02:49):

Uh, their codes are a little different. Um, they've got their own code, a code book that they follow and, uh, they just go about things a little different than the national code.

Mark Boudos (02:57):

So it's kind of unique to Chicago. Some of the things they do.

Lee Kaiser (03:01):

Is there anything specific that maybe people that aren't in Chicago would like to know about?

Mark Boudos (03:06):

One of the biggest things is, is their basically their voice evacuation system is a it's, um, a manual evacuation system only it's a fanatic about it. Uh, they don't, um, fire alarm comes in the speakers and strobes don't go off and put signals all over the place. It's, it's not activated until the fire department gets there and does a, uh, floor by floor type evacuation.

Lee Kaiser (03:27):

Well, that's really unique, you know, see that in many cities.

New Speaker (03:30):


Lee Kaiser (03:30):

So Chicago is a city of its own.

Mark Boudos (03:33):

Yup. Yes it is.

Lee Kaiser (03:34):

So, you know, being in the industry, as long as you have, I'm sure you've maybe got some predictions for the future. What do you think the next five to 10 years of fire protection systems is going to bring.

Mark Boudos (03:44):

Mass notification, It's definitely, definitely coming up. Uh, there's a lot of, uh, you know, with the issues we're having with mass shootings and things like that. And, uh, just being able to make contact with people through a campus type environment, uh, and, uh, get them a message that they an emergency message they may need.

Lee Kaiser (04:02):

Well, you know, Mark, I appreciate you spending your time with us. So again, Mark Boudos account manager for ORR Protection in Chicago, you had thanks so much for sharing your expertise.

Mark Boudos (04:13):

All right. Thanks Lee. Appreciate it.

OUTRO (04:15):

Thanks for joining us to learn more about mission critical fire protection visit MCFP experts.com.

Interview with Mark Boudos