Mission Critical Fire Protection Podcast powered by ORR Protection

Episode 15 - Discussing Fike MicroMist Fire Suppression with Mike McCane

April 20, 2021 ORR Protection Systems Season 1 Episode 15
Mission Critical Fire Protection Podcast powered by ORR Protection
Episode 15 - Discussing Fike MicroMist Fire Suppression with Mike McCane
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In Episode 15 of The Mission Critical Fire Protection Podcast, Lee Kaiser sits down with ORR's Mike McCane. Mike discusses his 20 plus year tenure in the fire suppression industry, his take on engineered fire protection, power systems, historic airplane fire protection, and they discuss the future of mission-critical fire protection.

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Introduction (00:07):

Welcome to MCFP meet the experts where ORR Protections, VP of engineering, Lee Kaiser interviews industry insiders on all things Mission-critical fire protection.

Lee Kaiser (00:20):

Here with Mike McCane today. Mike says senior account manager with ORR Protection systems for the Florida market. Mike, you live in Orlando. Um, thanks for meeting with us today. I want to know a little bit about how you got into the fire protection industry? How did you start?

Mike McCane (00:35):

Started out as an electrician took two years of vocational school. My first, uh, gig with the law with fire alarm was in a convent. I did the rough-in of the conduit raceways device-out. Somebody else did the parts and smarts of it.

Lee Kaiser (00:51):


Mike McCane (00:52):

Um, I then moved to Florida after 23 years ago. And at that point I went to work for a fire suppression company.

Lee Kaiser (01:05):


Mike McCane (01:06):

And I've been doing it for the past 23 years. Um, started out doing nothing, but Fike, and from there I moved into doing a lot of Fen wall and then after the ORR purchase, I've been pretty much doing a little bit of everything that they're, uh, you know, their hands are in all different technologies.

Lee Kaiser (01:28):

When you work for ORR you have to know a lot of different brands, don't you?

Mike McCane (01:31):


Lee Kaiser (01:32):

Yeah. That's that can be a blessing and a curse. Right. Big, big toolbox when you're for us. So that's great. So a lot of years in the industry, I'm sure when you've done that, you've, you've had some really exciting projects that you're proud of. What, tell me about some of your favorite projects.

Mike McCane (01:47):

Um, working at fantasy of flight, fantasy of flight is a private collection of aircraft worth about $60 million. There are three hangers that are full of these world war two pre world war two, just a lot of vintage aircraft.

Lee Kaiser (02:04):

Oh neat.

Mike McCane (02:05):

so we, uh, put in foam high, high expansion foam to replace the low expansion foam because of the water supply to the facility was inadequate. We ended up putting in some video, smoke detection, cameras to be able to pick something up early and to be able to have a record should something happen. Uh, we had put in fire pumps because they did not have the pressure that was required.

Lee Kaiser (02:33):


Mike McCane (02:33):

We had to bring in an additional water supply from another city because the city it's located in didn't have enough water for the redundant supply required for aircraft hangers. Um, so I learned a little bit about sprinklers that I'd never done the actual water feeds that go into it. The fire pumps aside from some clean agent systems that we've done there, a little bit of ASDA, um, information to me that I would never had that exposure had I not been able to land that contract.

Lee Kaiser (03:05):

Oh, wow. So I've got two questions. So all that's in one facility there's foam for hanger, you said a fire alarm, sprinkler clean agent, Vesda video image, smoke detection, all that's in the one facility.

Mike McCane (03:20):

Yes, sir.

Lee Kaiser (03:21):

Oh, wow. That's pretty complex. That's really neat. Uh, and then does that like happen over a year or have you been there for a lot of, lot of years?

Mike McCane (03:29):

It's been a three-year project and we're just now coming to the end of it. There were a lot of political things that you had to go through from one jurisdiction to the next, the water supply itself that came in from the other city had five different AHJ's, a thirties having jurisdiction that had to be coordinated in order to go across roads and across gas lines, things of that nature.

Lee Kaiser (03:56):

Oh my Gosh. Wow. So, I mean, that's, that sounds like a, uh, you know, career high project, but is there any other dream projects that you you'd like to work on in the future?

Mike McCane (04:07):

Something I can retire from.

Lee Kaiser (04:08):

it's the big whale.

Mike McCane (04:09):

Yes. The big whale that comes out, I've had a couple nice large projects. Um, but I'd really like to have something that is into the multi, multi million dollar, you know, let's call it a hundred million dollar project, something that really sinks your teeth. And it's going to take a lot of time, a lot of dedication to be able to run from beginning all the way through, through the end.

Lee Kaiser (04:31):

Yeah. Well, I hope I can ride your coattails and work on that project too, to be honest. So, um, okay. We you've mentioned a number of different fire protection technologies. Is there one system that you really consider yourself an expert in, or maybe, maybe just a few?

Mike McCane (04:48):

Typically use the Mariel Five Fog, Once I was introduced to that with, ORR originally with protective systems, I installed the very first 18 micro mist Fike water mist systems on at plant Wilson up in Georgia.

Lee Kaiser (05:02):

Well, that sort of follows onto my next question. Are there any kind of industries or at fire protection applications that you really know well that we should know about?

Mike McCane (05:14):

I'm very involved in the power generation for the past 20 plus years. Um, I think that I have an expertise that I can bring into multiple facets, whether it's water, mist, CO2, the old Halon systems that are out there, some of the clean agent FM 200 I've installed Energin systems in them. So a little host of everything at the power gen. Um, I also dabble with, uh, you know, quite a few data centers, telecommunication facilities, um, a little bit of whatever that opportunity came. I opened the door and went after it hit full force.

Lee Kaiser (05:55):

It's amazing. You've got a breadth, you know, wide breadth of experience. So well, uh, Mike McCain, uh, senior account manager with us with ORR protection, uh, out of Florida. So thanks so much for your time today. Have a great day.

Mike McCane (06:08):

Thank you, Lee.

OUTRO (06:10):

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