Mission Critical Fire Protection Podcast powered by ORR Protection

Episode 22 - Large water mist applications and development with Dan Jasper

July 07, 2021 ORR Protection Season 1 Episode 22
Mission Critical Fire Protection Podcast powered by ORR Protection
Episode 22 - Large water mist applications and development with Dan Jasper
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In Episode 22 of The Mission Critical Fire Protection Podcast, Lee Kaiser sits down with Dan Jasper ORR's business development manager. Dan discusses his time with ORR and wanting to work on large water mist systems, and talks about mission-critical fire protection with Lee.

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INTRO (00:07):

Welcome to MCFP meet the experts where ORR Protections, VP of engineering, Lee Kaiser interviews, industry insiders on all things Mission-critical fire protection.

Lee Kaiser (00:19):

I'm here with Dan Jasper today. Dan, uh, welcome, Dans a business development manager with ORR Protection based out of Cincinnati, but you really cover the whole country with a lot of our national customers and growing, uh, ORR Protection business with them. So, Dan, tell me about how you got started in the field of fire protection. What brought you to fire protection?

Dan Jasper (00:40):

Uh, my brother was a, uh, a fire extinguisher, route guy and I was in, uh, I was getting my degree in electronics. He came home from work one day and said, Hey, they're looking for a fire alarm technician.

Lee Kaiser (00:53):

How old were you when this happened?

Dan Jasper (00:55):

I was, I was just fresh out of high school, just starting my degree. And so I had no idea. I had no idea what fire protection was even about. I, so I went and I applied and, uh, lo and behold, I, I got a job with a fire protection company. And from there I just progressed through learning different aspects of this industry and, uh, and never looked back, never left.

Lee Kaiser (01:21):

Oh Wow. That's great. That's a nice story. So a family connection, we're, we're starting to hear a lot of those people in our company that families got them into this business one way or another. So tell me about one of your favorite projects you've ever been involved with or worked on.

Dan Jasper (01:38):

Project is one of the very first big clean agent, uh, opportunities that I did that I worked on. I had an opportunity to, to put together a design kind of lay the system out, um, uh, and then work with our operations team to kind of position that and figure it all out, worked with our design team, putting that together, um, sold the project and then saw that go in. And it was one of, uh, it was just the largest job at the time that I had ever done. And I just, I still look back on that as my, you know, that was, that was the funnest one I'd ever worked on.

Lee Kaiser (02:22):

So start to finish, you know, big clean agent job. Those are really fun. The big gaseous, suppresion jobs can be really fun.

Dan Jasper (02:28):

Yeah. It's just, it's really interesting to be able to take something from a concept, put it onto paper, see that through, see it through fruition and then actually become, you know, put into service.

Lee Kaiser (02:41):

So let's say down the road, what, what kind of project do you kind of dream of? Was there a project that you'd like to still do, uh, you know, in your career?

Dan Jasper (02:50):

Yeah. You know, um, uh, I, I have not had an opportunity to really do a very strong or a sizeable water mist type application, so I find that to be intriguing. I like to be able to put together a water mist system and, uh, and, and really be able to, to show an end-user just how valuable that can be and help them figure out how that works into, into their particular scenario.

Lee Kaiser (03:16):

So what would you say is your primary area of expertise with fire protection systems? Is, was there some that you're really an expert at?

Dan Jasper (03:24):

Yeah, I think throughout my career, I've always, uh, found myself working in those data center, the mission critical environments, the telco arenas, um, you know, areas where there's just high value asset type of, um, uh, applications. And so protecting those, those areas, and looking at ways to, to treat those from a fire protection standpoint, that's, that's really where my expertise lies.

Lee Kaiser (03:53):

So what kind of product systems do you see in mission critical spaces?

Dan Jasper (03:59):

Look like, you know, typically the FM two hundreds, FE twenty fives, but, you know, but, but again, we look at things like inert gases and different products and new innovation, uh, new innovative products that come onto the marketplace and, and looking at those specifically to understand how they might work better in a given solution than another.

Lee Kaiser (04:23):

You, you mentioned the word innovation in fire protection systems. If you were gonna, you know, you've been in the industry a long time and five, 10 years, what do you think is going to be different about fire protection systems that are used?

Dan Jasper (04:35):

I think we're going to see a lot of advancements in the way that we, we do detection and controls. Uh, we have a lot of solutions as it relates to suppression, but I think on the detection control side and the electronics, uh, we're going to see a tremendous advancements from that, that side of the, the, uh, system.

Lee Kaiser (04:57):

Okay. Okay. Well, thanks Dan, for chatting with me for a few minutes, I really appreciate it again, that Dan Jasper business development manager for ORR Protection. Thanks a lot.

Dan Jasper (05:06):

Thanks Lee.

OUTRO (05:07):

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