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Episode 23 - Catalog graphics and layout with Bobby Wheeler

July 21, 2021 ORR Protection Season 1 Episode 23
Mission Critical Fire Protection Podcast powered by ORR Protection
Episode 23 - Catalog graphics and layout with Bobby Wheeler
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In Episode 23 of The Mission Critical Fire Protection Podcast, Lee Kaiser sits down with Bobby Wheeler ORR's in-house graphic designer. Bobby discusses catalog updates and layout for all of ORR's catalogs with Lee. 

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Introduction (00:07):

Welcome to MCFP meet the experts where ORR protections, VP of engineering, Lee Kaiser interviews, industry insiders on all things Mission-critical fire protection.

Lee Kaiser (00:20):

I'm here with Bobby Wheeler, Bobby. I understand you're a graphic designer and corporate photographer for, ORR corporation. And, uh, you know, we've been doing a series of interviews with ORR associates and, uh, take a chance here to ask you some questions.

Bobby Wheeler (00:36):


Lee Kaiser (00:36):

So how many years have you worked for ORR?

Bobby Wheeler (00:39):

15 years? Been here. 15 years. Started off five years in the warehouse.

Lee Kaiser (00:43):


Bobby Wheeler (00:43):

Uh, then got promoted up to the marketing department, had been up to marketing department 10 years.

Lee Kaiser (00:47):

So graphic designer. What, what's your role as a graphic designer? What do you do?

Bobby Wheeler (00:52):

Uh, my primary job for graphic designer is I manage the, uh, railroad catalogs and so update those with new products, take product out, then change, whatever they need to change to make sure the catalog stays up to date for the railroads to order.

Lee Kaiser (01:05):

So catalogs, like people buy product from us and then in some ways people still prefer a catalog.

Bobby Wheeler (01:12):

Yeah. Unfo- Yeah, crazy enough they do, and you know, we can get digital, we have digital catalog now, but of course, catalog, you're not really talking about paper anymore. So digital catalog is basically the online catalog pictures. You pick, choose, you know, what you want.

Lee Kaiser (01:26):

So do you call it a master catalog or do we have, are these catalogs specific to each customer needs railroad?

Bobby Wheeler (01:33):

We do a, we have a master catalog and we also have a, uh, we do catalog East railroad company specific because they all use different PPE and everything. And the catalog is specifically geared towards that, uh, that customer.

Lee Kaiser (01:45):

Okay. So now I know outside of work, I know you personally, Bobby, I know outside of work, you're a really talented artist. So how do you use that personal talent at work?

Bobby Wheeler (01:58):

Uh, the creativity part, uh, the artist part, uh, when you create an catalog, you not only want them to be a functional visually, attractive to even look at them in the first place. You gotta make sure that your pictures are clear, crystal clear, um, uh, how, how high resolution pictures and images, uh, cause people want to see what they're going to buy and it's just all laying it out and making sure it's all, even it looks good and not messy. So I'm sure if you pick up a catalog and you see words everywhere and pictures out of a place, you would be like, it's hard to even continue to turn the page. So you've got to keep my customers engaged and make sure the right information is in there for them to order.

Lee Kaiser (02:35):

Yeah, that's great. So now, you know, worked here for 15 years. Uh, you've got a great story for how you came into the marketing department. What, what do you like about, ORR what's kept you here?

Bobby Wheeler (02:46):

Uh, number one for me is the people. It's the, uh, it's the employees that I work with. Uh, my boss is great. Uh, it's really is the people and you get that family feel here or, um, and uh, like earlier in the meeting today, we was talking, they was talking about knowing somebody's name and, uh, it seemed it, I didn't think about this until he said that, but when your upper management knows almost everybody, basically everybody in the company, it makes a difference. Cause I've worked from companies that the boss could have walked in and probably wouldn't even know who you was, but our I'll leave. This know who you are and they treat you like family. They say, can they call you by name, first name to ask about your family. They actually show some effort that they care about you as a person besides, uh, an associate.

Lee Kaiser (03:37):

Yeah, that's great. Yeah. Well, you know, we hear that so much. I don't know if it's self fulfilling prophecy or not, but everybody comes up with that word family company. So yeah,

Bobby Wheeler (03:48):

Big difference.

Lee Kaiser (03:49):

That's a big deal for us. So well, Bobby Wheeler, graphic designer, and corporate photographer for, ORR corporation. Thank you so much for spending some time with me today.

Speaker 1 (03:59):

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