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Made of Magic: The Podcast

Stephanie Dawn Elizabeth

Made of Magic: The Podcast is a space to amplify the magic within every single one of us. We spark raw, real, vulnerable conversations. We say what needs to be said. We connect. We go in. Host Stephanie Dawn Elizabeth, Intuition and Ascension Coach, is determined to change the idea that the magic is somewhere outside of us. Smashing the idea that women have to fit into some tiny little mold in order to be magic and sacred and worthy. The magic is within you. Take a look. Creating community and impacting massive change.

Recent Episodes

EP.145: PEP TALK on integrity within the spiritual world + how important it is to take responsibility for yourself.November 20, 2020 Episode artwork EP.144: PEP TALK on ungrounded energy, conspiracy theories, and why you need to ground into yourself now!!November 13, 2020 Episode artwork EP.143: PEP TALK on what to do when you can't quite see a vision for the future and you don't feel tapped in.October 27, 2020 Episode artwork EP.142: UNLOCKING YOUR POTENTIAL AND HEALING with Master Hypnotherapist & NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer Juliet Obodo.October 10, 2020 Episode artwork EP.141: PEP TALK on taking responsibility for your energy and not settling for the bare minimum.September 25, 2020 Episode artwork EP.140: PEP TALK on realizing how NOT normal this all is and counting yourself in to change it.September 11, 2020 Episode artwork EP.139: RELIGIOUS TO SPIRITUAL AND THE POWER OF BEING BELIEVED + a conversation all white spiritual leaders need to hear with Energy Coach and Psychic Alea Lovely!!September 04, 2020 Episode artwork EP.138: BREAKING DOWN THE BIGGEST MYTHS OF ASCENSION AND PSYCHIC CONNECTION + DEVELOPMENT with Emily the Medium PLUS our big announcement!!August 28, 2020 Episode artwork EP. 137: PEP TALK on allowing yourself to soften into divine love, believing that it's possible, and a little love note to my favourite person.August 14, 2020 Episode artwork EP.136: PEP TALK on the difficulty of being Human right now and how to live with your Soul turned on.August 07, 2020 Episode artwork EP.135: PEP TALK with Justin + our own Uncomfortable Conversations on being in an interracial relationship.July 24, 2020 Episode artwork EP.134: PEP TALK on turning OFF autopilot and turning ON your soul as things are rapidly changing.July 17, 2020 Episode artwork EP.133: PEP TALK on changing your mind + deepening your knowing.June 26, 2020 Episode artwork EP.132: PEP TALK on Ascension + the role you play in your own life.June 19, 2020 Episode artwork EP.131: PEP TALK on being in an Interracial Relationship, becoming actively Anti-Racist, and the mistakes I've made.June 12, 2020 Episode artwork EP.130: SELF-TRUST AND DISCOVERING WHAT ACTUALLY MAKES YOU HAPPY with Intuitive Mindset Coach Amy Natalie.May 22, 2020 Episode artwork EP.129: PEP TALK on spiritual leaders who have nothing to say about anything and why it is your JOB to speak up.May 08, 2020 Episode artwork EP.128: A MESSAGE FOR LIGHTWORKERS ON FINDING AND FOLLOWING YOUR LIFE PURPOSE with Lightworker Mentor George Lizos.May 01, 2020 Episode artwork EP.127: Couples in Quarantine episode with Justin!!April 17, 2020 Episode artwork EP.126: MASTERING YOUR OWN ENERGY with Transformation Leader and Celebrity Coach Christy Whitman.April 10, 2020 Episode artwork EP.125: PEP TALK on honouring your anger and trusting all of your emotions.April 03, 2020 Episode artwork Ep.124: PEP TALK on how to pause and ground in the midst of fear, uncertainty, and chaos + a special oracle card reading!!!March 27, 2020 Episode artwork EP.123: PEP TALK on COVID-19, what we're all feeling right now, plus a special collective energy Oracle Card reading!!March 20, 2020 Episode artwork Ep.122: PEP TALK on coping with fear and grounding into your own energy and intuition.March 13, 2020 Episode artwork EP.121: PEP TALK on pulling your power back to YOU.March 06, 2020 Episode artwork