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E.C.P presents "Down the Hatch" Podcast
October 23, 2018 E.C.P presents "Down the Hatch"
WE ARE ALL MOST AT THE END HERE FOLKS 8 MORE DAY TILL HALLLLLOOOOOWWWEEEEEENNN!!!!!!! And That means 8 more days till our first ever Live stream episode! But on this episode we tried some PUMKING: IMPERIAL PUMPKIN ALE FROM SOUTHERN TIER BREWING CO. And we washed it down with some pumpkin shaped Reese's what are better then the regulars? ALSO PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO EMAIL US AT EMPTYCANPROD@GMAIL.COM FOR YOUR MOVIE RECOMMENDATION WE WILL WATCH ON OUR FRIST EVER LIVE STREAM EPISODE ON HALLOWEEN. Plus Get to see more at our Patreon page www.Patreon.com/thankyoufromecp. . . . . “THEME SONG” BY E.L. ROTTEN REVIEW BY CONNOR SHERIDAN
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