Podcast Launch Pad

Editing podcast audio - it's a cinch!

March 23, 2021 Serena Gay Season 1 Episode 17
Podcast Launch Pad
Editing podcast audio - it's a cinch!
Show Notes

Editing podcast audio is definitely one of those skills that fill podcasting newbies with trepidation!

But there’s no need.

All that’s required is to master a few basic steps. 

The whole key to making it easy for yourself, is to make sure you record in a nice quiet environment with good quality equipment in the first place.

This podcast edition talks you through my podcast editing workflow. 

This includes:

  • The editing equipment I use or recommend (Adobe Audition, Descript , OcenAudio and Audacity
  • How to sort out volume levels
  • How to edit using simple copy, delete and paste commands
  • Lowering background noise 
  • Multitrack mixing 
  • Match Loudness settings 
  • Converting WAV to Mp3  

If you’re producing a podcast for your business you can outsource the audio editing side (although you might enjoy it – it’s really creative!) 

If outsourcing is the route you choose – please contact info@made4u-podcasts.co.uk for information on how we can help you.   

About me
Hello, I'm Serena Gay, a BBC-trained journalist and a former international satellite TV presenter.

I have many years of news and audio production experience which I now use to great effect as CEO of a podcast making company called "Made4U Podcasts".

I've  also helped run family businesses in the UK and Germany in the tourism and wine education fields.

So I understand the pressures on businesspeople to perform, promote and reach new and profitable streams of clients.

That's why these podcasts are short, pithy and full of information - not blather!


Facebook: @Made4uPodcasts
Facebook Group: @Podcasting Blueprint for Women Business Owners
Website: www.made4u-podcasts.co.uk
Email: serena@made4u-podcasts.co.uk

Why not download my guide to business podcasting -  it adds a great deal more detail to this podcast’s content.

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