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To Script A Podcast Or Not To Script A Podcast

April 06, 2021 Serena Gay Season 1 Episode 19
Podcast Launch Pad
To Script A Podcast Or Not To Script A Podcast
Show Notes

There are definitely two schools of thought as to whether you should write out a podcast script word for word or wing it from bullet points.

I'm firmly in the script it word for word camp.

Too often, I've been turned off a production by a presenter who thinks they can talk for England without  much time spent preparing.

The art of reading your script naturally and sounding as if you've just had brilliant and lucid thoughts off the top of your head is what this episode is all about.   

About me
Hello, I'm Serena Gay, a BBC-trained journalist and a former international satellite TV presenter.

I have many years of news and audio production experience which I now use to great effect as CEO of a podcast making company called "Made4U Podcasts".

I've  also helped run family businesses in the UK and Germany in the tourism and wine education fields.

So I understand the pressures on businesspeople to perform, promote and reach new and profitable streams of clients.

That's why these podcasts are short, pithy and full of information - not blather!


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Website: www.made4u-podcasts.co.uk
Email: serena@made4u-podcasts.co.uk

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