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Podcast Mistakes That Really Disappoint

April 13, 2021 Serena Gay Season 1 Episode 20
Podcast Launch Pad
Podcast Mistakes That Really Disappoint
Show Notes

In this episode I’m passing on to you some of the lessons I’ve learned while judging the British Podcast Awards. 

The competition is still in the first round and the winners won’t be announced until the summer. 

It’s been fascinating to listen to the cream of British podcasts! 

In short, what marks out the really good ones is:

  • Finding a novel twist to your theme
  • Finding amazing interviewees (and it might be anyone from a supermarket cashier to someone experiencing bereavement; you just need to choose carefully)
  • Podcasts hosted with enthusiasm, care and a good understanding of their subject
  • Allowing guests to be the main stars of the show

And by contrast, the disappointing entries committed these cardinal errors: 

  • Interviewing celebs for the sake of interviewing celebs
  • Failure by the host to keep panel conversations under control 
  • Not editing mouth noises out of recorded material or fixing volume level problems
  • Making the podcast about the host and not about the listener

About me
Hello, I'm Serena Gay, a BBC-trained journalist and a former international satellite TV presenter.

I have many years of news and audio production experience which I now use to great effect as CEO of a podcast making company called "Made4U Podcasts".

I've  also helped run family businesses in the UK and Germany in the tourism and wine education fields.

So I understand the pressures on businesspeople to perform, promote and reach new and profitable streams of clients.

That's why these podcasts are short, pithy and full of information - not blather!


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Why not download my guide to business podcasting -  it adds a great deal more detail to this podcast’s content.

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