149: Authors Bridey Thelen-Heidel and Bruce Rettig return

August 24, 2023 David and Del Episode 149
149: Authors Bridey Thelen-Heidel and Bruce Rettig return
Show Notes

The Bucks welcome back Bridey Thelen-Heidel and Bruce Rettig, two Lake Tahoe authors who shared their thoughts on their books with us early in the year.  If you want to hear the original interviews, Bridey was episode 118 and Bruce was episode 125.

Bridey talked about the off-Broadway show in which she performed and also gave us the good news that her book, tentatively titled Bright Eyes, will be published August 27, 2024. You can check out her work at her blog, Bright Eyes. Bridey's day job is teaching high school English and she has had Bruce's three children as students.

Bruce has received numerous awards for his memoir, Refraction. While still busy promoting Refraction and doing his day job as a graphic designer, Bruce has begun working on his next project, which will actually be a trilogy.

We brought up the notorious Hank the Tank, a female bear that has been terrorizing Tahoe and Bridey related that a bear just broke into her garage and chugged down the oat milk in the fridge. She had to call Tahoe Toogee to bear-proof her house. We're hoping to have Toogee on as a guest soon.

Bruce provided a video of a bear cub rescue he performed a few years ago.

We can bearly wait to have Bridey and Bruce back again. Thanks to the both for revisiting the Bucks.

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