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#113: Trish Perry- Harmonize Coaching

December 21, 2020 Alex Morrall Season 1 Episode 113
The Twin Cities Wellness Collective™ Podcast
#113: Trish Perry- Harmonize Coaching
Show Notes

Trish's Bio: Trish Perry, PCC is a certified master results coach, trainer and speaker.  She is the founder of Harmonize Coaching, LLC.  Trish uses the Power Path Process™  to help clients uncover their true power, resulting in achieving goals, increased engagement, productivity, self-confidence and joy.  

Trish has 20+ years of mentoring and coaching experience in corporate and non-profit worlds.  She understands and is dedicated to delivering outstanding results on a consistent basis. Trish was a successful executive at Target for 20 years as well as other organizations.  She works with all levels from CEOs to administrative assistants. She also is certified in team coaching and specializes in building strong cross functional leaders and teams.  

Trish’s specialty is coaching through adversities.  A main tenet is “You are not your adversity”.  Whether it is an individual dealing with illness, loss, life balance, work-related adversity or it is an organization or team wanting more engagement and productivity, there is usually an adversity that needs to be addressed.  Trish has deep personal experience with powerful recovery from adversity including traumatic losses, breast cancer, layoffs, and dysfunctional bosses and teams.  She has created the Power Path Process™ of coaching to get outstanding results for her clients. 

Giving back to the community is one of Trish’s core values.  She has given thousands of hours at non-profits such as The International Coaching Federation, Girl Scouts, Feed My Starving Children, MN Council of Churches and Minneapolis Public Schools.  She has served as President on the board for the International Coach Federation for MN (ICF MN) and teaches Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (Jon Kabat Zinn) to teens.

Trish lives in Minneapolis with her husband of 30+ years, Jay, and their 3 wonderful children.

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