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#115: Julian Johnson- Unified Solutions Inc.

January 18, 2021 Alex Morrall Season 1 Episode 115
The Twin Cities Wellness Collective™ Podcast
#115: Julian Johnson- Unified Solutions Inc.
Show Notes

Julian's Bio: Julian’s story begins in the South side of Chicago, IL in 1981. After 10 years, his step-father moved his family to the well-off suburb of Hatfield, PA. In this first transition he realized his ability to explore different perspectives was the bridge between his current worldview and the viewpoints of others he wanted to befriend. Julian believes we are as good as the company we keep. 

He set off on a journey to master change by focusing on the narratives and stories that we tell ourselves and those which we want to be. After discovering his strengths in transition, change, and growth, he set out on a mission to inspire and lead others to success. His perspective continues to evolve. Julian has taught at the University of Minnesota, led teams in 5 of the 7 continents, and provided scrum services to military adventures in Europe.

He has helped corporations successfully transition to new ways of getting work done and coached teams and executives which resulted in boosted trust, balance, and clarity and improved bottom lines. Whether you require agile transformation, a strategic plan, or innovative solutions for complex problems, Julian’s role as a certified Scrum Master is to be an accountability partner and bridge. As a holistic coach, his role is similar to that of a trusted caddie. Julian will work with you to understand your current story and walk with you to help write your future story.

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