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What's Your Next Move
Loosen Your Grip On The Stories You Tell Yourself
April 10, 2018 Arlene Battishill
What’s Your Next Move is the podcast for peak performers who are making things happen but are running into roadblocks that prevent them from getting what they want. In today's episode, we talk with Mary Shores, the best-selling author of the book Conscious Communications, about her remarkable journey from and through a tragic loss early on in life to building a multi-million dollar business only to suffer another devastating loss that leveled her to the very core of her being. Out of that experience, she emerged as the powerhouse she is today and talks about how we can empower ourselves by loosening our grip on the tragic stories we tell ourselves. Listen as this incredible entrepreneur shares a story that is too impossible to be real and yet is all too real... I’m your host and resident provocateur, Arlene Battishill and I want to know... What’s YOUR Next Move?!
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