Bleep Bulimia

Bleep Bulimia Episode 78 with Greg Wieting Healer on Metabolizing Your Trauma

August 24, 2022 LaurieAnn Campbell
Bleep Bulimia
Bleep Bulimia Episode 78 with Greg Wieting Healer on Metabolizing Your Trauma
Show Notes

Unpack and heal your trauma with Greg.  He helps people feel the pain to be able to metabolize it. 

Can we create our own trauma?  Why do we hide our trauma? 

Greg speaks to relationships with others being so important. 

Greg works with people to connect to their inate wisdom. 

These notes will never be able to clearly define Greg's own wisdom and the wonderful responses to the questions I ask him.  Listen from start to finish to hear those in-depth answers to questions I asked that were not so simple to find an answer to.

Being able to feel some really hard things needs to be done slowly, and that is a part of healing.

You can reach Greg at or at

More about PRISMA:

The PRISMA Course is the owner's manual and roadmap for mental, emotional, and spiritual health. An online community offers travel companions, guided meditations are the built-in GPS and a self-care energy medicine foundation training is the vehicle needed for a lifetime of healing.

This is an arc of transformation to heal the anxiety and depression rooted in trauma. 

More about Greg:

Greg is most compelled by the intersection of all things leadership, healing, purpose, and performance.

He loves to discuss the bridge between entrepreneurship and spirituality and how leadership can be used as a healing force for good. 

Greg is also interested in exploring the state of mental health in America and why we have a sick-care, not a healthcare system that’s in crisis. And he brings a unique take on how to effectively heal the trauma that underlies anxiety, depression, and chronic pain without chasing or suppressing symptoms.

Greg can geek out on neuroscience, energy medicine, and mindfulness making it practical, relevant, accessible, and fun. :)

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