Bleep Bulimia

Bleep Bulimia Episode 88 with Collin Hughes Suicide Prevention Advocate

March 30, 2023 LaurieAnn Campbell/Collin Hughes
Bleep Bulimia
Bleep Bulimia Episode 88 with Collin Hughes Suicide Prevention Advocate
Show Notes

This episode was quite emotional.  From Collin sharing his truth in life and his pain of a life that is a book to come, I hope.  Truthfulness and honesty and pain.  It's hard to lose someone suddenly.  I did try to relate suicide to Bulimia and Eating Disorders.  This was why I had Collin on this episode.  There were spoken words of quick loss versus slow ones, however, to me this was about having someone come on in pain and sharing that if you are feeling pain, and you are experiencing an eating disorder, it IS  A SLOW SUICIDE.

I hope you find out more about Collin Hughes and Collin's story and his fight against suicide.  I know the feeling.  I felt like I wanted to drive into a pole when I was going through a divorce.  I heard the love of my life tell me she put a noose around her neck and she failed and I am grateful for that she is okay now... although still suffers from "what is this world about and why the f' am I here?"  Scares me that she still has those thoughts.  So still every day I wonder.

What percent of us have thought about suicide, and yet are scared and doing it slowly, like I did for 30 years?  I was told that.  Bulimia is a slow suicide, as are all eating disorders.

Mom told me tonight that she noticed I and my sister who also dealt with weight and mental health issues have learned how to live life with beauty and enjoy food, while also knowing to enjoy... and learning about what your body needs, and that you need just to enjoy life.

My parents were freaked out about losing me when I was bulimic.  I have had friends with anorexia whose parents felt the same.  KNOW THIS, AN EATING DISORDER IS A SLOW SUICIDE AND SCARES THE HELL OUT OF THOSE WHO LOVE YOU!  My daughter knew I had bulimia and asked me to please LIVE.

I hope this loss and pain make you realize YOU MATTER!

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