Bleep Bulimia

Bleep Bulimia Episode 51 Guest Speaks About Full Recovery

September 15, 2021 LaurieAnn Campbell
Bleep Bulimia
Bleep Bulimia Episode 51 Guest Speaks About Full Recovery
Show Notes

I am so honoured to have had this guest on my Podcast.  Rannveig explained that it was the first time she's gone public with her history of being a bulimic.  

She is fully recovered, yet says she still holds shame about having been at one time a "bulimic".

To me, her ability to speak so profoundly about it brought to mind my own feelings.  I was quite open, even when bulimic, particularly with my daughter to help her understand that it's not the place ever wants to be.   But for a while, there was a shame, or rather a fear of the perception of others if I told them I used to be.  And then that all went away.  It just did, and when that happened, it was when I really knew I wanted to move towards helping others.

That portion of overcoming and being recovered and yet wondering if shame is still attached has nothing to do with asking whether you are fully recovered or not.   It is a part of that journey.   

Some may never want to discuss it after full recovery.  As they say, leave the past behind.  I believe that.  However, I also believe that there is a need for awareness, for others to know they are NOT alone.  That is my route.  And from speaking to this beautiful lady, I have a feeling she's not too far behind me.  I look forward to having her back on to discuss her book which is coming out soon!  

(fun quip about writers.  Some of us when we say soon, it may be a couple of years.  Other's it may be one month.  I am speaking about myself. :)  )

My beautiful guest did not hold back on saying just that.  It was horrible.  

I have to say that personally, I agree.  

And to that same point, we also agreed on how freeing it is to be recovered.

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