Bleep Bulimia

Bleep Bulimia Episode 60 with David Medansky The Overweight Person's Best Friend and Author

November 22, 2021 LaurieAnn Campbell
Bleep Bulimia
Bleep Bulimia Episode 60 with David Medansky The Overweight Person's Best Friend and Author
Show Notes

Why does David Medansky call himself the Overweight Person's Best Friend?  It all stems from his own experience of being overweight and being told that he had two choices.  Lose weight or he may die.  His doctor told him that if he didn't lose the weight, he would rather David find another doctor, as he didn't want him to die on his watch.

David takes the same approach now when he is helping people with weight loss, specifically after they have reached their ideal weight.  "You will not gain weight under my watch".

David doesn't believe in diets, he believes in changing your diet.  "Diet" has become a household name for fad eating habits that are often very limiting and they don't work.  The true meaning of diet is, as per Webster's Dictionationary, "food and drink regularly provided or consumed."  It does not necessarily refer to limiting food intake.  It is WHAT YOU EAT.

David is the author of Break the Diet Chains of Dieting - A guide to achieving a healthy lifestyle.    In it you will find:

  • The secrets of the diet industry – that diets are designed to fail. Stop wasting your money on FAD (Fat and Desperate) diets.
  • Learn the 9 must-have easy and effective principles for healthy and maintainable weight loss.
  • This educative and informative book will help you achieve your weight loss goal, have more energy, feel better, look better and improve your overall health.

You can find his book on Amazon, ask your library to order to read it for free, or order it on his website BreakTheDietChains.

This episode is filled with a lot of fun facts!

More about David:

Top-selling author and speaker, David Medansky struggled with his own weight issues until July 2016 when his doctor told him to either lose weight or find a new doctor. He understands your frustrations. During the next four months, David shed 50 pounds, almost 25 percent of his total body weight, and has kept it off. Now it’s his mission in life to teach you how to eat healthier so you too can have more energy, feel better, and improve your overall health without going on a diet.

David has helped a countless number of people lose weight without dieting, exercising, or counting calories. The key to his success is using his 9 must-have fundamental principles for healthy eating habits.


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