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Technical Analysis and The Economy

IJS Speaks

IJS Speaks is designed with traders in mind! Learning to trade and invest effectively often means navigating unchartered waters. Stability in financial markets is often dependent on multiple factors, so investors can find themselves struggling to keep up with the dynamic changes that can occur day by day or even hour by hour. We understand the importance of your investments, so the content we provide is meant to help investors and traders make confident market decisions. IJS Speaks discusses trading tips and strategies designed to assist new and experienced traders in making informed decisions when navigating the financial markets. We examine market trends and make forecasts to improve profitability and minimize risk. We discuss a variety of investment vehicles, including the Spot Currencies, Fixed Income, Equities, and Commodities including Gold and Oil. Each episode will take a deep dive into why we expect projected movements financial markets in relation to current events in geo-politics and society. Our experts will provide step-by-step explanations of the rationale for our investment projections to assist investors and traders in evaluating their individual investment strategies. If you have not already done so, subscribe now to our YouTube Channel IJS TV for exclusive access to up-to-date trading tips, projections, and charting. Let’s get started on maximizing your investment potential!