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B.a.F. w/ Mark, Mel, & Jason

Mark Hill, Mel Cooley, Jason Cummings

Mark and Jason, like a lot of people these days, aren’t bad, evil, or mean. They’re just normal people who make normal mistakes. Unfortunately, mistakes currently, are as simple as using a wrong pronoun to describe someone, not having any religions or political parties figuring into what you decide for yourselves, and finding racist jokes, sexist jokes along with most dick and fart jokes, still funny sometimes. Mel is there to try to steer them towards the path of righteousness as much as possible but usually concedes to the obvious fact that, “they (Mark and Jason) just don’t know no better.” So since we’re judged mostly by our flaws nowadays, we have decided to just own our worst flaw (in our opinions) and bring to you, B.a.F. (Binary as F!*k) w/ Mark, Mel, & Jason. Email your questions to: [email protected] and Instagram: @bafwithmarkmelandjason

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