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Not Up To The, Mark
Episode 20: My First Open Mic Experience (The Gambler's 3rd time, Pipe Bust 10's 2nd time, Katie's 1st time, and a whole lot more)
December 01, 2018 Mark Aitch

I went down to a local coffee shop (you can hear all about if you listen) to do my first open mic. The Gambler and I took the walk from his new crib to a coffee shop and started recording a roughly 59 minute pre-show (Episode 20) to what would be my first attempt at stand up comedy. I was horrified but it was fun and if you skip to the 59 minute mark, you can just hear that and not the nonsense before it if you so choose. And... I was recording for 4-5 minutes before I knew it and made the executive decision to leave it. It starts with about a minute plus of silence. Just sayin'. You were warned.

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