From Telecoms to Therapeutic Gardens: Sue Reed's Horticultural Journey with WFGA
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The Cut Flower Podcast
From Telecoms to Therapeutic Gardens: Sue Reed's Horticultural Journey with WFGA
Apr 19, 2024 Season 1 Episode 73
Roz Chandler / Sue Reid

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Hello and welcome back to The Cutflower Podcast! I'm your host, Roz Chandler. Today, we have a fantastic episode lined up for you, featuring the wonderful Sue Reed, the chairperson of the Working for Gardeners Association, or WFGA. Sue has an incredible journey to share, from a career in telecoms to her passion for horticulture. 

So, grab your favourite cuppa and let's dive right in!


In this episode, Sue Reed joins us to discuss her remarkable transition from the telecoms industry to becoming deeply rooted in the world of gardening. As the chairperson of the WFGA, Sue sheds light on the association's impactful work in offering training and support within horticulture. We delve into the challenges and growth of the WFGA, their partnership with Horatio's Garden, and the increasing importance of therapeutic horticulture, especially in the wake of COVID-19. Sue also shares her personal career challenges, inspirations, and her upcoming workshop on forest bathing.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Sue's inspiring journey from telecoms to horticulture.
  2. The diverse training opportunities offered by the WFGA.
  3. The challenges and successes in finding training gardens for WFGA trainees.
  4. The impactful partnership between the WFGA and Horatio's Garden.
  5. The rising emphasis on therapeutic horticulture and its benefits.
  6. Sue's personal insights into career challenges and inspirations.

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