Chicks Talking Shift

Why Are Chicks "Talking Shift"? - From video podcast

December 16, 2020 Alecia & Angel
Chicks Talking Shift
Why Are Chicks "Talking Shift"? - From video podcast
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💩Sh!ft happens and we’re talking about it!💩

Pull up a chair and join our conversation as we chat about the shifts happening in our lives and in the world around us.  We’re on this journey together trying to figure it out as we go along.

In this premiere podcast, Alecia and Angel chat about the changes in consciousness the world is going through and how it has inspired us to step out to try to make a difference. We ALL need anchoring and support to get through these times which is why we started having these chats. 
As we’re navigating the unexpected, rapid-fire changes that continue to show up, having meaningful dialogue is what helps us not just survive, but thrive.   We’re finding that change doesn’t have to be painful; it can inspire personal growth that can be fun.

(The audio from this podcast was pulled from our video podcast below)
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hello again everybody and welcome back to  
chicks talking shift i'm Angel i'm Alecia we're  glad you're here and Alecia and i have decided  
since we have these amazing conversations why not  share them so other people could also embrace in  
the conversation and what we love to talk  about most our favorite topic is shift so  
that's what we're talking about today and  that's why we started having these recording  
our conversations so that we can talk shift with  you as well so if you're wondering what shift  
means i'm going to turn it over to Alecia so she  can explain what we mean when we talk about shift  
shift happens i mean we gotta know when shift  is hitting the fan uh how to react right  
absolutely absolutely oh my gosh it makes me laugh  every time you say that that that phrase um so  
shift for me you know the you know where i'm going  the very first thing that always comes to mind is  
consciousness the shift in consciousness because  we're having a big one right now a huge one which  
has led us to this place of wanting to share  these conversations because we're talking about  
all the changes constantly so i go to shifting  consciousness where do you go when i think of  
shift i think of the shifting sands of change and  the ground being kind of unlevel right now and so  
when you're walking on unlevel ground we don't  quite have our balance and it's awkward and so  
that's the shift that's happening now how do you  respond and react you can trip over the shift and  
and stumble or and then you can catch yourself  and get your balance back and go oh yeah the  
the ground is uneven let me make some adjustments  on how i continue moving forward and that's really  
what these conversations about what is happening  really shining the light on what we are all  
going through we may be experiencing a different  but we're all going through some kind of shift it  
be it uh emotionally in our relationships uh maybe  physically spiritually uh energetically all these  
things are changing and so how we move forward  this is one of our favorite things to talk about  
is really shining the light on where we are and  then turning that flashlight onto the path to  
say hey here's where we're going and uh and we're  shining the light for everybody else okay come on  
we'll light the path up for you let's go because  this is a good way of of looking at uh these  
uneven times right now and so it's it's holding  the door open for others yeah yeah and they can  
they can step in and they can try on whatever  we're talking about and whatever we share and when  
they leave maybe they have a little something new  to take with them and maybe they decide that it  
wasn't for them and that's okay too you know we're  just trying to find our own way and we think that  
maybe as we find our own way some of the things  that we find might be helpful to other people too  
and so let me tell you what i thought of when  you were just talking that so the shifting sands  
the the crooked sidewalk all of that all of a  sudden i saw a gyroscope right gyroscopes help  
things find balance and all of a sudden i saw the  spiritual practice that we do of showing up every  
day trying to be present trying to be aware of  what's going on trying to be responsible to our  
environment and just trying to work our own stuff  to to find equilibrium in our own life all of  
a sudden i saw those are the things it's like a  gyroscope inside us to it doesn't matter if we're  
going over something wonky or something bumpy  if we got ourselves taken care of properly from  
the inside we're going to be able to navigate that  easily definitely yeah so all of a sudden i saw a  
gyroscope that was fascinating and the gyroscope  just helps you find balance so i love that yay
wow that's awesome i love that analogy you're  really good at analogies it is it is it is about  
going through this transformation process together  and and however you're you're navigating it  
and and finding that balance if anything we're  encouraging others to have conversations like this  
because it's so important to shift the energy from  being an observer what's happening and getting  
caught up in all the drama and the division and  all the stuff that's going on right now which  
is exhausting or we could go within a little  bit go inside and go you know what try to uh  
dissect what's happening within me and and  step out of ourselves be our own observer  
of how you're getting through the process and  maybe your mom maybe it's how you're showing up  
as a mom right now because i mean i i know that's  got to be tough i mean both of us being moms and  
i i can't imagine having a little one right  now uh little ones i that would be so tough  
and trying to navigate yourself and get our  children through this you know it's the mama bear  
and it's uh or any parent uh you know  fathers too for that matter but it's  
so we encourage you to open up the conversation  even with your children to say how are you feeling  
you know it's this is an unusual time isn't it  because i i can't help but think of these little  
kids when they look at all the people in public  wearing masks and when we're not able to smile  
and they can read us because that's what builds  trust for children is our facial expressions and  
if they're not seeing that there's um i i  have to think that maybe that lack of trust  
is creating some fear within them  and it could leave an imprint  
and that's um that's one of my concerns  for the children so i i think as a as a  
mom just to be a little bit more aware of the  imprint this may have on your child it's not  
normal we've never known any generation to go  through this and grow up in this so as a parent  
we're certainly navigating new new territory  here only new territory and so i think about  
those things too i think about what a strange time  this is for people that are raising young children  
and so i hear what you say about the  mast and and i think all of that is true  
and at the same time that's where our wisdom as  the parents come in right because we understand  
that this could be a stumbling block for them  and we understand how much it might impact them  
so what we try to do is find ways to explain  in age-appropriate ways maybe even play games  
have superhero masks and have maybe them play  with it a little bit instead of us um realizing  
what they're missing and projecting that on  them because they'll write it through based  
upon what our experience is going through it so i  think that's part of it right is is always being  
creative whether whether it's things with our kids  or even it's being creative with our own cells  
and how to kind of shake things up and do whatever  we need to do to be able to try to navigate what  
we're seeing and that's one of the reasons that  we love having this conversation because you're  
the transformation coach i'm all about change  and we're really passionate about it and so we  
love being in it yes we work our own process  and we talk about oh gosh i realized this and  
this is what i did and we kind of inspire that way  so hopefully that'll be what happens you know with  
other people that choose to tune in and kind of  listen to some of our conversations we're hoping  
that they walk away with something that inspires  them to do something a little bit better in their  
life you know oh gosh absolutely absolutely  what i've noticed uh just about my process  
now that you mention it whenever i'm  going through change or transformation now  
and observing it it makes it less painful it  makes it more bearable just looking at how i'm  
responding uh and you know whether i'm beating  myself up too much or is it really necessary to  
beat myself you know when you're looking at when  you're going through massive change like that  
i think that transformation is a process to  help us evolve and we are evolving into a  
another version of ourselves as as an individual  as a collective humanity it's happening  
and so it's who we're choosing to be right  now and that's the shift that's the shift
and i just have to say something about the uh  the masks what the superhero masks i love that  
and and putting what their superpower is  absolutely and like what you know i love  
it and funny ones it can have a funny weird mouth  on it or funny words or it could be all kinds of  
things so i think we're in the reality that we're  in right and so what do we got to do we got to be  
creative when we just got to make the best of  it it's the resilience of the human spirit yeah  
it's the resilience of the human spirit  being creative in way and and how they um  
how they meet the challenges you know and how they  meet the change of energy and so it's looking for  
the silver linings okay this is what we're dealt  with i don't want to be in a victim mentality it's  
like so let's just let's make the best of it that  we can let's change things where we can where we  
can show up and where we can have our voice heard  and all that but more than anything let's try to  
let's try to navigate it with some elegance and  some grace and some ease and hopefully a lot of  
laughter because that's going to shake all  that stuff loose yeah we gotta laugh again
yes and even laugh at what we're going through so  what i love about these conversations is not only  
do we laugh and we have a great conversation  and a lot of fun it elevates us and what in it  
empowers us and that's why we continue to  do it and that's why we're encouraging it  
but it does and i think that's another level  of the shift is getting your power back  
because we've all been in a place where we're just  kind of giving it up right now going i don't know  
what's happening that's where the imbalance comes  from well when we decide to step into our power  
and through conversations like this we really do  start to transform and and you become a role model  
by stepping into it and others are  watching you your children are watching you  
and they're going wow look at look at that she's  really strong and handling this quite well and  
seems pretty balanced and so  
so making a conscious effort to evolve right now  and have that intention of using this opportunity  
all these changes this chaos this craziness  as an opportunity to become better a better  
person otherwise you're going to go backwards and  nobody wants that and this world doesn't need that
we need everybody to go forward up and lift  each other up and we know we know humans have  
a tendency to get really comfy and cozy with their  routines and so that's one of the things that we  
know is that we usually don't experience a whole  lot of change when we're comfy and cozy and so  
as soon as the challenges come and the shift hits  the fan that's our first key that oh oh get ready  
we're getting ready to change and we get to evolve  into the next greatest version of who we are so  
we need to see it as opportunity and we need to  embrace it as possibility it's been grounded in  
the difficulty of it and yes there's going to  be things that come along that are just going  
to really be difficult and put us in a font but  we point ourselves in the direction of i'm going  
to make the best of it i can and i want to try to  walk through it with as much elegance as possible  
because first of all it shows me what's possible  and secondly somebody else might also recognize  
just like you were just saying oh my gosh  there's something different here i wonder what  
she has that i don't have yet and being able to  have that ripple effect and seeing oh look at the  
look at the way Angel thought about that i would  have never considered that and that totally makes  
sense to me and that makes me feel better and it  points me in a direction that is positive for me  
you know what i'm saying oh yeah i couldn't  agree with you more Alecia and it's really  
time i guess we're inviting you to in all of  us because through the conversations is how  
we're practicing but really step into the you said  possibilities and they're unlimited possibilities  
and limitless just limitless possibilities and  it's it's really stepping into our potential  
because the world is really needing us  to step into that potential right now  
our greatest good that we can possibly be  yeah well when push comes to shove that's  
when we get to really find out what we're  made of right and i know made of light love  
and unity and a lot of good things and so i'm  trying my best to shine that i don't do it 100  
of the time but i certainly got myself pointed  there you know i'm learning i'm like a toddler  
i'm like a toddler and it's uh her  terrible twos right now fighting my way
yeah awesome
it has been awesome so join us come  back and see us sometime and click  
like and hit subscribe and click the bell so that  you can get our videos as soon as they come out  
yes and join our facebook page chicks talking  shift so we can engage in a conversation with you  
we'd love to carry on the conversation  and we look forward to the next one  
until then be your best self yes  definitely be yourself bye see ya  
Alecia i have a problem what i'm not centered  i need to get i need to get centered it's  
centered please there we go all better oh  such grace and ease you did that with look  
at that we should all be so lucky hi i'm Angel  and i'm Alecia and we're Chicks talking shift
you're going to leave us open and then  we're both going to say it as you make  
your little pause and then we'll both say  it all right i know i bet i had a little  
twang i don't know where it came  where's your stuck and [ __ ]
hanging out with me too long sisters
hello again and welcome to chicks  talking shift i'm Angel hi hi hey
oh my eyes are just filled with tears
this is like rattling around somebody it shakes  all the energy loose we need the laughter yes  
good medicine yeah it's very good medicine love it  all right ah can you hear the blower at the pool
i can
not very not very much okay
not very much i think we're getting closer  
yeah they are going to get closer i  can't tell oh now that i really hear
go away  
that's what i love about these conversations  not only do we laugh a lot laugh a lot but it's  
[ __ ] i forgot what's gonna say again
okay fortunately we can edit out everything
i keep forgetting what i'm gonna say this is  awful the brain the brain's under a little stress  
i could tell it's stop quit quit quit forgetting  quit stopping uh what was one of the last things  
you were saying i don't remember i guess probably  what we need to do is just kind of that's going to  
be another blooper you're like stop forgetting  i'm not you're gone you're like i don't
i think
your head's almost cut off in your screen you  need a little you need a little bit of there  
a little bit above your head okay a little more
a little bit a little more hitting

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