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Bridge.This.Shift - BE the Bridge - From Video Podcast

December 17, 2020 Alecia Angel
Chicks Talking Shift
Bridge.This.Shift - BE the Bridge - From Video Podcast
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THIS is the shift…right here, right now! There is no blueprint.  We are the co-creators – the bridge-builders. Many of us are here, making a conscious effort, to bridge the gap of separation. For those who'd like to be, it's never too late to join the party.

Imagine a bridge ushering us towards a more harmonious place that bypasses the discordant energies that we’re currently steeped in. This vivacious and meandering chat anchors some of the architecture for constructing these enlightened overpasses.

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hi we are Chicks Talking Shift and I'm Angel and I'm Alecia and we've had a great conversation today we're so glad you joined us today we talked about clearing out the things that weigh you down we talked about building bridges we talked about booby and brain health of all things and we talked about how we're living the everyday shift one choice at a time oh boy are we ever ever I love the part of our conversation where we really took another perspective of humanity that was powerful love it and really  what I enjoyed most about hearing  you tell and share how you're getting through the shift  we both have the opportunity to do that and I think  if people practice more of that they're really going to make a difference and we're going to help change this place we need you right now all hands on deck yeah exactly so enjoy



well hello there hello there I told you to dress in pink but I went a little bit further oh my goodness check you out


oh cute look at you you're so sparkly I love it oh yay how cute it looks adorable only you could get away with pink pink hair like that isn't it fun it is fun it reminds me of  beauty school dropout


I missed that one girlfriend grease you've never seen them yes yes I did I saw it on broadway actually really yeah that was the first thing that came to mind


so in honor of rest awareness month we wore pink and I decided to do the pink hair and so typically they call it breast cancer awareness month but I'm not all about the cancer part I'm about being aware of the girls giving them a rub and a squeeze to check on them regularly but not about the affirmation of cancer so give your girls a squeeze and give them a little rub and make sure that they're nice and healthy true very true yes I've always had a problem with putting any more energy to cancer you know  I've had my experience with cancer  I don't even like saying I'm a survivor like that's I I just don't give cancer any energy so I'm I love love  that you call it breast awareness month I could support that yeah keep it positive wow well that's very fun and  thank you for that little psa


thank you for the girls


welcome everybody to this week's  conversation I am here you know obviously chatting with my favorite gal pal and I'm Angel


with the pink hair aka pinky 


and I guess  today we're just going to have a conversation we're going to see how everything flows but we really wanted to


well build a bridge I guess is the best way to put it we want to build a bridge the world is in desperate need of bridge builders and


right now let's talk about building a bridge because that's what the shift is calling us to do build a bridge it's like we're going from one world to another world one we've not known and we're all all of humanity I don't care what part of the globe you live on we're all experiencing some uncertainty in that awkwardness of the unknown and so we're we're all in the same boat here I mean just  experiencing it a little bit differently


but going from the world that we've known and then taking us into this place so  we need the bridge to get there and we need each one of us to step into potential you can grasp onto right now it might not be your full potential but grasp onto what you can so that you can help your circle of influence get through this and we just need people to step up and step above rise above all the stuff that's happening so  really passionate about building the bridge


yeah it was a dream I actually it's in the last chapter of my book  is this the dream that I had about truly being invited to be a bridge builder and I was like  sure  in the dream but  I woke up with the realization of what that really meant and  it's a big calling I think all of us have a way to contribute to what's happening right now in this place so I think we're all being called to contribute in some way yeah absolutely and so let's build a little bridge with health since we started with checking on the girls to make sure they're okay this is an important month we should be doing it every month but you know sometimes we don't and so it's just kind of a reminder and so I think that's one of the places that we can start because kind of what's out there and in the air and what started kind of this major shift that we're in a pandemic and a virus and what is that effect it affects your health and so it's one of the conversations you and I have had it's been consistent over time is it's been a bit disappointing to me with the fact that we have this that we have this virus that supposedly really wreaks havoc on people that have other health issues and the more that you have and the older that you are often they're the ones that suffer the most from it and so but the crazy thing is I haven't seen any public service announcements or I have seen public service announcements but it's like we're in this together okay yeah we're in this together that I would like to see public service announcements that are sponsored by the government and maybe the medical community saying hey this is something that we're dealing with but one of the best ways for you to return to normal is to make sure that your health is good and that you're taking care of yourself so that you've got the least possibility of having terrible effects if you do happen upon the virus I know there's so many things that we can do there to make a difference to our health you make a good point and my per my personal concern is really around mental health I'm concerned about mental health I've noticed my brain is not thinking as sharply as it once did when I was busier and  we we are our brains are not being stimulated right now and so it's like they're it's losing its  neuroplasticity or something it's  because it's not being stimulated and activated we and the way we stimulate our brain is  to have new experiences do new things meet new people go new places  travel engage connect those are things that stimulate our brain it is not being stimulated right now and it hasn't for months if it wasn't for the screen that you and I are looking on right now that we're all looking on actually  we'd have no stimulation at all oh my god but  this is this is a concern and people are getting


I guess and I find myself going in and out of this place too and I gotta catch myself and  and that is just  on this roller coaster yes emotions and  seeping into depression and having that anxiety because we're being  god we're being thrown into another world really with no direction there's no road map there's no sign there's nothing we just didn't come with directions on how to get there we're figuring it out as we go and it's  it's it's challenging humanity's never been in this place before we haven't I and because it's more than just a pandemic the world is shifting the world is changing it's like dramatically


but anyway I was thinking about the 


what you were saying about the pandemic and I read something of course on social media about the pandemic what what are you going to come out of it as either a monk a chunk of anything a hunk either you're working out or a drunk I tell you I've been engaged in more this many  happy hours it's just crazy it's like the thing you look forward to now that like lockdown it's like oh happy hour so funny a monk a chunk a hunk or a drunk well you know what as a goddess who absolutely loves to keep all of her options open I think I'm going for all four


it depends on the day that's a funny one oh my gosh it's so true though it's changed so many things   and so I get what you're saying about the mental health it is it is a real concern and I think about the I think about the already fragile communities that we had out there  that were barely hanging by a string before this came along and it's just heartbreaking it just really is  well there are some things that we can do to rise above it and and help somebody who you think might be struggling rise above it too and I I don't know I know you and I have talked about this and we talk about it actually quite a bit  and it's it's in the book and it  I think at some point when I say the book I'm dedicated to destiny  I've referred to a couple of times already I don't mean to be doing that but it's what's on my mind right now and


it trailed off see I gotta learn not to trail off trail Angels stay on the trail I got a damn trail there was a fork in the road and I my brain took it that's you popping off and on the path I'm trying my best to be a monk and stay on the trail I'll get up with you leach on you or put an Alecia on you oh my god that's hilarious oh my god


I don't know if I could be leashed or tamed for that matter oh so you're the one feeling wild this time h


it's hard her to be tied down when you're free spirit and it's


yeah unless you just gotta have free spirits around you understand that's free spirits did someone say spirits


and good boundaries too the two combined make a big difference


oh my god I know what I was saying like a long time ago  it was it's about what we talk about all the time but this is this is what's helped me


because I dip down into the chaos I easily I get down into the chaos I get all worried I'm like holy crap look at this place it's a mess and  and then it's like I snap out of it and I have to be intentional about it and it starts with awareness is to start going into observer mode


if I shift in my perspective into observer mode all of a sudden I have taken myself completely out of the chaos and I'm just watching it and it's freaking powerful


very powerful I I would say practice that and I know you do but it's 


it's just watching what's happening and here's the other thing


while you're watching it think about how you want to create the new world how you want to co-create that


yeah what would you rather be for than instead of what you're against yes right yes yeah and I love what you say because it's so true I mean to me presence it's probably not true but for me presence and observation are just synonymous with each other for me because presence kind of detaches me and depersonalizes all that other stuff so I can watch it like more neutrally like a story you know it doesn't mean that I don't have feelings about it doesn't mean that I don't have thoughts or beliefs around it it just means that I disengage all of that from a curious place and observe it as a story playing out and so it really helps it really helps neutralize that anxiety doesn't it gosh it does yeah it's like the only place to live right now yeah it's just at a little bit higher perspective right and not not everybody's capable of doing that but it's worth a try


to get there and


spread the word tell other people what you know what's working for you maybe you have share it in the facebook page if there's something that's working for you I I would love to share that kind of stuff because there's so many people including myself that do struggle depending on the day on look  the state of the world right now


yeah it's going to be a lot more difficult for the for the people that feel a whole lot isn't it


yeah because they get they get velcroed real easy they get caught on those small hooks and it gets a little bit more difficult to disengage and de-personalize it and before you know it you know you've got the potential of spiraling down but like you say I mean that's what presenting does right that's what we always talk about is the fact that once you present yourself and you check in and how am I now and if you need to ground yourself running through all your senses what do I see what can I feel  what do I smell all of those things you know that going through the five senses like that ground you then you can be there and and you ask yourself how I am how am I in this now right now I'm fine I've got a roof over my head I'm warm I've got clothes I've got food in my belly and all of that all the rest is future stuff  so talk about good mental health that's you're exactly right it's  key when you get into kind of those funky places


what do you do to help lift yourself out of it


 I've been pretty lucky I I don't dip down into funky places very often but I have noticed recently especially in the last week it's been really interesting I've been on a little bit of a roller coaster and I felt some unusual heavier feelings coming in that I usually don't have it's been related to something in my consciousness typically is not about loneliness or being alone and I have felt that energy in my body lately and I'm like what is that you know I don't know if it's me I don't know if it's something that I'm kind of picking up on a more collective but so the first thing I do  is I go within and I'm like what am I feeling what am I feeling where is it does it feel familiar have I felt it before if so what were those circumstances to see if I can find the strands that it leads to you know and so I just and also since  the whole pandemic thing it has really become a good practice for me to  to remind myself consistently when these kind of feelings when these heavier feelings come in  feel them feel them and what I notice because I'm feeling them more and not worried as much about how long are they going to last and this doesn't feel good and how do I make this go away I feel them and so one of the first things that I realize is that when I'm feeling it and it doesn't feel good it almost makes me feel like I'm gonna fall apart if that makes any sense  I feel like it's gonna I feel like I'm gonna if I  just keep feeling this I'm gonna fall apart and so I almost have to override myself saying you're okay but allow the feelings because it's just it's it's us transmuting all of this stuff whether it's my personal stuff whether it's something that I'm feeling empathizing with on your behalf or whether it's something that I'm feeling that's more of a collective thing it doesn't matter the way I act and the way that I allow and the way I process it transmutes that heavy negative energy and elevates it to a higher resonance  but it needs to be seen it needs to be felt so that it can move its way through so that's kind of in a nutshell kind of where I go what about you well you're basically observing the process I mean that's what's really yes what you're doing you're completely I mean what you just described on how you watch yourself go through this process is exactly I mean a perfect example of being the observer that's beautiful bearing witness to yes very witness to without a need bearing witness is neutral it's an observational thing it allows what's happening without any thought that it needs to be any different it just is it's unconditional and so that's why from my perspective just bearing witness to somebody else's process is the highest resonance of unconditional love that we can do and be for another person you know absolutely gosh who tell you what absolutely nuts did I tell you I had to redo my whole closet 


speaking of nuts I mean


did somebody mention nuts I didn't think about nuts but okay


crazy world chaos


down the verge of losing it  the whole top rack has decided to collapse and so I think everything out of my closet and of course you're not going to put stuff back in that you don't wear I mean shoes that were on the top right everything so everything out and then not everything made it back in it felt so good did you have too much was it too much is that what it collapsed no I've had I hang on to things but it felt so good just to  give  release some of that stuff that I've just been hanging on just haven't had time I shouldn't say that I've been home and locked on for months so I've had weekends where I could go through my closet I think this I manifested this opportunity because I thought about it quite a bit for months I should clean up my closet but then you shouldn't should on yourself don't should on yourself and anyway forced to clean out my closet and so   it was weird I was bringing all the donations to my car right and I walk up to my car and here's this woman  who's peeking in the windows I'm like windows in my car windows and I went excuse me what are you doing and she's like oh oh I thought this was  an assigned spot and I said it is a sign and it's mine it's a sign to me is there something you're looking for and  I just


had a bag of  donations in my hand and I just said  what I don't know what size you are but you're welcome to anything in this bag I've gotta  I'm gonna run to the trash chute and  I had to  throw  something away and I came back and she was just so grateful but she was I think a little embarrassed and she might have been just look trying to look at my sticker I don't know I you can jump to conclusions all day and in today's world you never know but  kind of a cool little moment because it just it just felt like  I don't know felt good  offer but anyway I  have I'm in releasing mode because I know there's some stuff I can't take with me where I'm going emotionally and energetically I should say yes  and there's  there's a lot of energy attached to our stuff so through that stuff out feels pretty darn good yeah well 

it reminds me of the pandemic when the pandemic hit it's like you've talked before about you you were so busy run run run  life was so full there was so much and then everything crashed like your closet right it was just too much and so that's kind of what I think the pandemic whether it some people did some people did didn't it should have us should yeah let's should on ourselves  hopefully what it does is as we're in a new circumstance it helps it causes us to step into a place to where we're reevaluating things what's in our life physically  energetically emotionally all of those things and so part of the coping mechanism is dropping some of those sandbags getting rid of some of those donations circulating that energy in a different way to free us up a little bit so that we can walk a little bit lighter and a little bit more fleet of foot a little bit more flexible to kind of bob and weave with all the shifts that are coming our way right and so that seems very metaphorical to me and you can't have something new come into a space that's already full so true  great space for the new stuff yeah it's so interesting because this time of year  my birthday's next month sometimes my birthday lands on every four years it lands on thanksgiving and so thanksgiving is like my favorite holiday because one of the reasons is just because it's about gratitude and just giving thanks and the other thing about it is that it's not a gift-giving holiday because that commercialization that just kind of rubs on me a little bit and so a couple of years ago I had had the thought the year before but I never got my act together I decided a couple of years ago that I was going to do what I called a giveaway which comes from the native american tradition of a pat potlatch ceremony or a giveaway where you give away most of your possessions and the honor goes to the one that's the most honored is the one that gives away the most not because they're wealthy but they're left with the least wow so it's not about the quantity it's about the substance and so I always love the spirit of that the spirit of community and that the community getting together and just having this big giving giveaway ceremony so I decided to do one for myself so for my birthday I had an open house where I invited all my friends and said hey I'm having a birthday giveaway come  anytime over these couple of days share some birthday cake have a drink stay for stay for just long enough to go through the stuff or stay for hours and  play and visit I had people driving hours away to come visit and I didn't know who was going to show up and I and before I put all the things out in the rooms I blessed them because these were things for me that were fabulous things that could have easily been sold but I didn't want to go through all that and I thought nothing would make me happier than to know the people in my life that I care about found something valuable that they or their family members or somebody could use and they take it home with them so I had girlfriends that now had some of my clothes that I know had my energy on them and they were wearing it other friend’s houses I go to and I've got little decorations and stuff that they came from and it was the best feeling weekend and I can't wait to do another one  gosh well times like that I wish I lived closer to you I don't remember getting an invitation you might have made the drive you would have won that you would have won the prize for coming the furthest


throw in an extra trinket for that


you'd have to come a day early and then you get to go first dibs on everything so yeah that was an interesting story about the woman in your car I think it was I  think what was cool about it was really the human to human moment because it wasn't about what she was doing why she was doing it or who what her story was hey I giving away a bunch of stuff do you want any of this human to human helping another human whether she was looking for something or not  that's what it's about   I think about  an alien coming to our planet and just observing our species what would what would they think now yes be nuts


I mean we have to keep it together and I think one way to do that is to have fun do what we're doing this is fun


do what brings you joy and really


 have a good time enjoy the process it doesn't have to be scary I don't know laugh and smile a little bit more I love it you're it's so true I mean it's it makes it easier to go through it makes it easier to go through like you said in one of the previous videos  when you're when you're present in the process and we talked about before about when you're looking for the shiny gems the silver linings it a lot of that heaviness goes away because you're finding those bright shiny things that'll get you to that next point and that next point and that next point and before you know it we're through and it's so much better than it could be that's  one of my  little tricks to staying grounded I think is trying to laugh as much as possible not taking any of this too seriously it's really  knowing that I am part of the creation process of what I wanted to look like it's like oh I'm building this bridge I'm one of the bridge builders  this has been all caught up in it what's gonna change this is it right here right now this is it this is the ship this is ascension this is the evolution this is it right here and it happens choice by choice by choice yeah a lot of times we're waiting to look back and say oh  or when's it coming or you know and it's this is it yes that's why we're trying to navigate it we're living it it's not being impactful anymore no it's not it's not it's we're here  so yeah bridge builders okay you're the bridge you're the bridge  we're both bridges yeah  we are I wanted to talk just quickly about you went you went to  who goes anywhere anymore  you attended a really interesting thing yesterday did you not wasn't there wasn't there an event that you attended online


and so I'm totally interested in hearing what that was like and what you got out of it yes it was an online conference that I got to tune into and watch an interview with  sir richard branson and yo dan hart  the ceo of the orbit division of  virgin  third goal


right orbit they're sending small satellites out into space fascinating fascinating conversation and  you know they're working on ways for people to go into outer space and have that experience and that blows my mind because once you go


to that place I could only imagine when you're looking down at the planet


the different perspective that you have and that's what they were talking about in this interview in this conference because the moderator who happens to be a good friend of mine  he asked a really good question just saying if you were to change the world what does this world need what are we missing what would you do and  and their answers were we have to be reminded that humanity is is a species having this human experience we're spiritual beings having a human experience and but the the call for more kindness to our own species and just the perspective I think that I walked away with from that interview was the oneness of humanity from outer space looking in 


it just


yeah it reminds me of   some of the first astronauts that went to the moon I think Neil Armstrong might have been one of it or Buzz Aldrin I'll have all of this wrong but I think at least one of them if not a few have had spiritual spirit experiences as a result because it does shape your perspective in a different way and for us that have never had the experience we can surmise or assume what that might feel like but I think it caused some deep internal shifts that was difficult for them to even process because they didn't have they didn't have anybody else to talk to that had the experience  so there wasn't and just because they were all there doesn't mean that they're all going to see it through that same lens so I think there was a piece of it that was a little bit lonely and kind of but also trying to parse out the strands of what is this  how did this change me and how do I even put words to it to help other people understand what I felt so viscerally under the circumstances yeah you talk about the ultimate shift in perspective and the  ultimate wide angle lens I would mind would have trouble grasping that initial it was like when there was a tornado here and I drove through the area that was impacted the devastation that my brain couldn't register what I was looking at because I have never seen that level of devastation ever except on a movie or  on a screen right now reality and so it it's like


your mind can't


wrap itself around really what's happening yeah it's kind of where we're heading we're going to a place none of us have been yes and we're the creators of it because a lot of things are crumbling right now and so while these things are crumbling and they're reorganizing everything we need to bring our voice to the table and say this is how it needs to be because this has been a bit of a leveler across the board and so it's important for us as the companies are deciding how the work thing is going to be online or how teachers are going to engage online offline all of that instead of just allowing them to tell us how it's going to be we need to show up more with our voice as co-creators and say no this doesn't work because so much over time has come from the top down the people at the top not having any idea what the people at the bottom that are supposed to implement have to go through  and so if we're going to bridge something to a next normal part of that is us showing up in a different way and realizing that we have an opportunity if we just wait for them to build it all back up again they're going to build it without us in mind again and it's going to be worse so we need to be the co-creators in the process and bring some consciousness to some of these systems that are going to end up coming up out of these systems that are that are crumbling and dissolving you know good point I mean we could realize that all the stuff that's happening is   a disruption for our good for a better good we may not like it no not like it at all or aspects of it but it's part of the breaking down and the crumbling of the old and like you said about my closet making space it's an opportunity it's very symbolic wow opportunity that's what it is and so we need to step into the opportunity as co-creators yeah it's an opportunity and start seeing what we have in common with other humans you know it kind of guides us I mean think about let me ask you this what's your tupperware door like


nice and Alecia and organized with all of the containers having matching lids easy to find


I don't know anybody like commonality oh and I change it all the time but it doesn't make a difference it doesn't take any time at all before it's just a jumbled mess and my dad comes over and I cook dinner and he does the dishes for me we're putting food away and he's like  is there a lid for this I'm like yeah it's in there


all of us said that we've all said that no there's it's in there somewhere and then you have to take everything out to find it that's so funny oh my god I've got one I've got one okay Angel


do you have at least one junk drawer oh god every room has one


it's like I don't know you gotta have a spot for this stuff yes absolutely yes things humans have in common


oh my god yes human commonalities let's start there and build up yeah exactly now so look so that's so interesting to me because you brought that up and as soon as you said it I'm like oh my god yes that's a thing and there was something about knowing that you had one or several and knowing that I had one or several that all of a sudden I felt bonded with you yeah


I was just relieved to know that you have the same tupperware issues as me as well we appear to be very organized no  not at all no and I've been to your house and you're much more organized than me and I'm shocked to hear that you have problems with tupperware I'm a little OCD you are here for me mechanism and I've had to I'm like a recovering perfectionist 


I am I mean tell you what


observe what's happening step out of the chaos and stop adding to the chaos we need people just to observe it be calm you know chill baby chill chill out  pull it up ouch we all need to chill out I mean really yeah we're getting too worked up over everything  and  turn the freaking television off oh amen sister turn it off here's heaven and a lot of people are getting off social media right now yeah I don't blame them I know it's  I don't either so  let's just see how this all plays out right well create some new routines because we talked before about the fact that our routines have been interrupted so nature abhors a vacuum so create some new routines that fit with where we are now and carve out those little bit bits of time  for yourself for your self-care and well-being even if it's just being able to go and take a 15-minute epsom salt bath with nobody in the room with you I know for some that's a challenge if both of you have young children as well as animals that seem to like to congregate but if you can car if you can carve out just a little bit of time it doesn't have to be a whole lot just to be able to decompress and be in your own head for a while so you can be a little bit clearer you can power up and then go out and face whatever you got to face


there's power in the collective and we need to remember that and hopefully that's one of the things that's happening now is that this is bringing us to a place of empowerment and realizing that we've got this we are the drivers of this we've been convinced that we're not and that the power comes from the top down but that's not true at all no we're the driving force we are we really are yeah forget that  because we've been somewhat controlled and manipulated  that's why you need to turn tv on yes the media and start having conversations with people like we're doing yeah I mean conversations it's true because when because if you're isolated and all you're doing is primarily watching television or being on social media it creates a certain picture and a feeling of what's actually happening but it's not until you have these conversations that you realize oh my gosh other people are feeling the same way and it's not stuff that the media talks about because the media doesn't talk about real world stuff no they don't talk about things about our life they tell us the bad news and so that's one of the reasons I don't want to watch them is because garbage in garbage out and so I'm trying to keep my inner space clean because I need a clean inner space right now and I need inner tranquility to be able to have the energy to continue to navigate these shifting sands that we're in so let's hold hands and do it together we find out we're not alone  and it just makes it better when we know that we're not alone yes it does  and while they're distracting us or they think they are there's gonna be some of us that are going yeah  I see what's going on sitting there deserving it and then in their when they're not sitting there observing it they're building the bridge yes we're creating the new world what you're talking about is all this crap going on yeah so we got to get busy let's do it girl we're doing it I think we're doing it I think just doing this is  is fulfilling  to my soul just knowing that I'm somehow contributing and it's  for the betterment of somebody watching I hope so


yeah if anything for me that's what you do for me so I think we appreciate you tuning in and we look forward to communicating and connecting with you on social media and  in some of our upcoming events that we have planned coming  soon right there okay


all right all right another good one another good one thanks for joining us we're happy that you stopped by to join in on our conversation check us out on chicks on facebook chicks talking [ __ ] we'd love you to join our circle and subscribe to our youtube channel like our video and hit the bell to get the new ones as soon as they come out which is often before they go on social media we look forward to seeing you again in the future real soon I just want to say thank you and continue practicing being your best self yes and remember head up eyes forward don't look back


never all right love you love you bye


we talked about 


broken closets as a metaphor for what we're going through right now that's going to draw people in


who doesn't hear about Angel's closet join us today as Angel shares another another day in the closet another exciting episode of the maintenance man comes to visit


I was wondering how you knew like what's she talking about well can I cook at her house cook every night so I'd imagine I mean  that you get good at it you know 50 some odd years


I needed a few minutes I couldn't get my contacts into my it's all red that was lovely


that lady like said excuse me we're amongst friends


 no I haven't been drinking this is okay I just audit


yeah I'm drinking my water straight up babe wow yeah sure vodka yeah you never know


hey did you hear about the two cell phones that got married I did it the reception was awesome


no reception out here in the country you get the wedding but no reception


okay we've got our intro and our overview I thought parting my hair in the middle I wouldn't be playing with  it's awful I need better hairspray or something 80s hair baby 80s hair that's what we need I love the 80s here ah yeah it was easy just turn your head upside down blow dry it spray the hell out of it


tease it to death


what do you think about that 


we we the people right I mean we are the people that's so funny


which brought up a party trick that I have oh tell me what is it I know I want to hear it because the preamble of the constitution hold on I don't know if I just put my hand in my heart for that no I don't know you can do whatever you do whatever you want in this room okay direct from schoolhouse rock when I was a little girl a long time ago we the people in order to establish a more perfect union establish justice and ensure domestic tranquility provide for the common defense promote the general welfare and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our prosperity to ordain and establish this constitution for the united states of america wow I'm emotional


are you yeah I mean I'm impressed about you to recite that but that's not why I'm




you know be the people we the people welfare for others we've forgotten our path


did you fall asleep


you've been lost for words


would you like to say something Angel


yes please you took everything I got nothing else to say you left me nothing see the brain losing it losing my mind me a few things I ran through everything so say it


anyway what she said

Breast Health Awareness - Check the girls!
Brain and mental health
Be a voyeur to your personal process
Funky internal places & bearing witness to the process
Collapsing closet as a metaphor for release and human connection
Giveaway (Potlatch) as a way to release 'stuff" to recirculate energy
THIS is ascension! Right here! Right now!
Outer space vantages influence inner space
WE are the bridge-builders & co-creators of the sh!ft
Silly human commonalities create bonds
Bloopers & outtakes