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Boundary Setting for Sanity (Byte Sized Snack) - From Video Podcast

December 17, 2020 Alecia Angel
Chicks Talking Shift
Boundary Setting for Sanity (Byte Sized Snack) - From Video Podcast
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Treat yourself to a Chicks Talking Shift snack!  Take a bite from our video buffet as we are rolling with the changes happening in our lives.  This snack highlights the core message from our full length talk about the importance of more than ever!

Shift’s happening which is driving us to realign ourselves.  It’s essential to manage and shield our energetic space while we’re finding our equilibrium.  Doing so requires us to be mindful of what is entering our space by consciously allowing in only the vibes that best serve us.

Boundaries construct a protective forcefield around us.  Practicing boundary-setting isn’t always easy but it’s what we need to do to manage our energy.  Flexing our vocal muscle and leveling up our communication skills amps up our self-confidence and sense of well-being.

(The audio from this podcast was pulled from our video podcast below)
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hello again everybody and welcome back to Chick's Talking Shift i'm Angel and i'm Alecia and we are so glad you're here we are so glad you're here what and how would you describe

boundaries what are they why are they important for for us what you think is how it benefits us as well yeah yeah i did i did a video on boundaries you know boundaries is is a common topic that i talk about it's one of my favorite topics it really is and so um i talk about it a lot in my in my Ask Alecia column and i've done a couple of videos on Ask Alecia with that so there's some you know some information there um boundaries boundaries define our space and they define what we're willing to experience and let into that space and also defines what we're not willing to experience and what we're not going to let into that space so i kind of see it as drawing a circle around us and sitting with what do i want to experience and you have to know yourself first right to be able to set boundaries you have to know what your wants and your needs are to be able to even begin to set boundaries so in a simple in a simple way that's kind of how i would represent what boundaries are and their importance well said it is it's like having a border around your field your energy field yes yes energetically emotionally you've helped me recognize those indicators of when i need to really enforce the boundaries with certain situations certain people certain responses to things when i start and i know we talked about awareness but when i started really becoming aware of the triggers and just stopping and going wow i'm really getting worked up over this where's this coming from that's an opportunity for a boundary right there and and these these indicators that just knowing what feels off yes what feels like it's uh it's a kind of an icky feeling you know it's not this happy joyous feeling it's the opposite of that i don't even know how to describe it but it is a uh that's that's when you know that is one of the indicators uh that that a boundary needs to be set and it's um you know integrity um all those things that you talk about so much in your coaching sessions that uh are really the

the keys i guess to recognizing in yourself when you are allowing people to cross that line or allowing situations to cross that line or what have you often times the triggers come well it goes back to what we talked about in one of our previous shows about feelings being barometers right and showing us giving us a sense of direction what feels good what doesn't feel good and um especially for the things that don't feel real good recognizing that and then kind of digging deeper self-excavating to try to get a little bit of clarity around hmm that doesn't feel so good what what feels bad about that and you know oftentimes it is um rooted in respect you know and other people respecting um you being able to

claim what you want to experience and what you don't want to experience and especially once you've voiced it somebody continuing to

exhibit that behavior over and over and over again when you've already said very clearly i don't like that that doesn't feel good that doesn't feel right that feels disrespectful but they keep stepping over that line i mean that's why it's so important that to set boundaries you've got to be first you got to know yourself and you got to know what you're willing to experience and what you're what you're not and then secondly being able to articulate that clearly communicate that clearly to somebody else as far as what your boundary is and so that's a little caveat about this particular conversation because as we kind of get into it and we're saying oh you need to set your boundaries and this and that the other thing there's some people that are going to be watching that are like there's no way i could set a boundary and part of that comes with the fact that if you haven't found your voice yet it's going to be really difficult to set a boundary so for some this boundary conversation is might be a little bit advanced because maybe they haven't found their voice yet and there's no shame in that you know that most of us have been at places in at times in our life where we didn't have our voice and just because you can set a boundary doesn't mean that you have that that you have that voice across the board in all circumstances i'm pretty good with boundaries there's places where i have difficulty setting it you know and so that's the thing is that for the ones that it's like this conversation doesn't even make sense to me because there's no way i'd be able to do that then what we're looking for is the awareness of the fact that you haven't yet learned how to speak how to use your voice to speak your needs to somebody else and so that's what you want to baby step your way to on the way to the goal of setting boundaries is finding creating a safe space for you to to be able to speak your needs and to use your voice without feeling without fear of repercussion that something negative is going to happen or you're going to have to fight or that somebody's going to make you feel bad

do say it and express it then it's it's almost like uh the universe takes it and runs with it and heals it but it's it's having the voice to put it out there and saying it and you know we're in a place of healing i think i really think 2020 is the year of healing and

and i keep going back to what you taught me but you have because through these conversations you you share so many of your insights uh in that healing process is the the ability to um identify uh what's hurting identify that pain identify those awkward emotions that you're having whether it be guilt or shame or doubt or anything that's tampering with your joy and happiness and inner peace because those are those are the places you need to set the boundaries when uh and it could be parts of your past that you have to come to peace with and set up a boundary and say you know it's part of the reinventing stage of transformation it's stepping out into the highest vision of who you are and know who you who you are in your fullest potential and starting to take the action steps to become that person and have the adopt the belief system of that person uh behave like that person would behave is that person smiling and happy does that person communicate well honestly know her or his truth and speak it without fear uh what is that highest vision of yourself that you have and then

in that reinventing stage you start to practice being that person that's who you are in your highest form and you start to release the things that don't serve you or don't align with that vision um but you're gonna stumble and fall and that's part of the boundary setting game is you don't always win you don't always get it right uh i mean you've known me a long time and you've seen me stumble and fall and come back to the same conversation you're probably like i don't even want to talk to her about this again

when is she going to get it right but uh we do we'll eventually get it right i do trust myself and believe in myself that much but sometimes it takes a while i think that's really important to know did you have patience i do have a lot of patience um no it's true it you don't just decide one day i'm gonna i'm gonna i'm gonna you know speak my boundaries and i'm gonna keep good ones and blah blah blah blah i mean you can know internally that that's your goal but the practice of it it is practice and then just like with anything else as you have the success it it encourages it gives you more courage and it encourages you to do it a little bit more and then over time you start to realize that something comes up you deal with it you speak it you do what you have to do and it's like oh wait a minute

man when this used to happen i'd get all balled up and i'd get in it with the process took forever but look at how i just moved through that and you get to see your groan it's so fascinating to watch it we look forward to seeing you guys again and hearing from you leave us a comment tell us a little something about what you like or what's your shift been like you know and what are some of your struggles and you know we'll pay attention to what's going on and maybe it'll trigger a new topic that we want to talk about right yeah oh it's so good to talk to you girlfriend another beautiful day i love you i can't wait to see you love you ma yeah bye bye all right bye everybody

and now a clip from our bloopers seven i know the planets in order from the sun wow you would miss universe mrs universe to you i'm sorry please apologize to Marty

sir Mrs Universe

well i wonder how things have changed because we got robbed of one of our platters planners one of our

oh what do you mean someone stole one of our planets huh do what yeah we lost a planet they re-categorized one of them so there used to be nine planets and they went to eight and i don't know that's weird yeah well shift happens


oh planets are going through the same shift we are man that's so true oh my gosh definitely they're like well you know what we set this boundary we don't need you anymore you're now going to another universe yeah we've kicked you out of the inner circle you can go find your own universe