Chicks Talking Shift

Awareness IS the Shift - Byte Sized Snack

January 21, 2021 Angel & Alecia Season 1
Chicks Talking Shift
Awareness IS the Shift - Byte Sized Snack
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We saved a chair for you so kick back and chill with us.   Join our byte-sized “chick chat” excerpted from the full length video Awareness is the Sh!ft while we explore the utterly divine topic of awareness, why it’s important AF for adulting right now, and how to get more of this juicy state of mind for inner peace and a better sense of control.

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the coping mechanisms of that human connection we're not getting it we haven't had it in months no wonder why stress is at an all-time high and depression and suicides and you know that makes all the sense in the world yeah and i think what um what's important to also be aware of is that this is a healing process the the transformation the change the shift it's part of a healing process so it you know it could be the six stages of healing i mean it's the same the same thing so i think just being gentle with the process understand what's been ripped out from under us like those coping mechanisms that you're talking about because you're right that's huge well be gentle with yourself yeah with yourself this is a time like no other we've not been through this before so we need to cut ourselves some slack especially i think about moms all the time and it's not that dads aren't having a problem dads are having issues too but typically moms are the hub of the family right well a lot of moms work a lot of moms you know take care of the house take care of the kids you know and there's been so much shifting through this pandemic that you now have moms that are either working at home working from home or lost their jobs you've got moms that are not only working from home but also trying to homeschool their children something that they didn't have to do before which i'll tell you what you know my daughter's 26 and but what i saw happening in the school system was horrifying to me because i would sit down with her i'm a smart chick and i would sit down with her to help her with her homework and they'd be doing some silly way of helping her add things called touch points and you know and then there were things about show your work well i didn't learn touch points and i didn't learn these other show your work things so i would know how to do the math but i couldn't help her with the math because i didn't know how to help her show her work you know and so i think about all the months moms that might have two or three kids at home that they're having to do maybe only one computer limited internet all of these things and on top of that they want to keep their children healthy they want to keep their family safe you know and they're having to cope with all of this stuff so moms have so much on them right now cut yourself some slack girls get yourself some slack and cut away some of the things that aren't serving you check your heart that's part of awareness right feel what's happening in your body right now what are you feeling what's going through your mind what feelings are you have pay attention to those your feelings are barometers telling you what direction you need to go and so that's part of the awareness and so we don't have to do all those things we were doing before find ways for the family to share some of the responsibilities you know find ways to cut away some of the rules that you've made for yourself as far as what you have to do you get to make the rules of what you have to do so do what you do what you need to do to be able to practice some extreme self-care and make life the way that you need to do it so that you can be calm and you can be the best you and the best mom and the best wife and the best family member and friend that you can possibly be

well you're right and it is about do you hear the lawnmower yours yes oh no

maybe it'll go away

i don't hear it good it might get closer

all right good so we'll keep going and hopefully it won't get any louder um now i've stepped on your thought i'm so sorry be gentle with boundaries boundaries it is about boundaries that is a show within itself there's another conversation and that's huge uh because you you're the master at that and i've learned so much when it comes to setting boundaries yes but i i believe that all of the the virtual world that corporate america has gotten into and these moms now working at home and having to do everything virtually all these virtual meetings uh it has really impacted the company's culture and that also is transforming and to be aware that that that these companies and organizations are going through their process of transformation and they're in the realized stage going holy crap our employees are dealing with so much right now um how is this going to impact our productivity how did that i mean they're having to regroup leadership is starting to regroup there's transformation happening on so many levels right now and so just know that by you setting boundaries and uh you're also helping your company how to shift their culture yeah uh it's really important that you i mean take that advice was great advice cut yourself some slack because it's really important for your mental health your emotional well-being and your spirit yes so wow yeah yeah and uh it's it's uh it's purposeful and i think that's the thing that helps me get through it is just knowing that it's it's purposeful and even when it's shocking and it comes as a surprise and you've heard me say truth is absurd when first heard yes i love that it it is and once it settles down that's part of the realized stage that's what happens in this stage of awareness

is you're looking at truth from a different angle you're putting on different lenses um so shine the light on whatever it is becoming absolutely yes yeah yeah and allow it because awareness you talk about presence presence is a hard thing to practice it's it's almost like you have to practice allowing and once you've mastered allowing then you could embrace awareness and presence yeah because it's an allowance of allowing it to be i don't know you can't force it when you think about awareness and really tapping into it uh i i look at these revelations that come through when you're in that state of awareness as messages from my higher self and that's that's that creates an awakening you know within yourself and that's what's happening to a lot of people with within a lot of people you look at humanity across the globe i believe that is what's happening yeah yeah no awakening uh that you're you're you're absolutely right about that that's one of the things that comes that happens from humans getting uncomfortable is that a lot of times there's discomfort there's pain there's chaos and like we talked before those are the conditions that squeeze our higher self to the surface because we have to drop some of the sandbags some of the weight from the hot air balloon so we can rise right and so it just shows us where certain things in our life aren't comfortable so we start to understand what we need to release so we we can make room for what's coming and see i i guess part of it for me i'm an optimist and so when things are really difficult that's the ray of sun i always hold on to the ray of sunshine of the gems that are coming and the the growth that's coming and so they kind of make the they shine through the dark clouds of the of the storms and and help me know that i need to just keep going forward and presents myself day after day after day and eventually this too shall pass i love that i love that looking forward and so i think we should leave with

maybe that call to action and that is to

realize or visualize the greatest possible outcome that can occur through what you're going through and in this realized stage it's really envisioning and becoming aware of the

the greatest outcome and keeping that alive because only a fool trips on what's behind him we can't look backwards you've got to look forward and keep that vision alive