The Chilled Samples Podcast

Episode 086 - Amess

December 05, 2022 Cody Christianson Episode 86
The Chilled Samples Podcast
Episode 086 - Amess
Show Notes

Amess is a producer and instrumentalist who is based out of Melbourne, Australia. He was raised on an eclectic mix of classic rock and electronic music. He began recording music in 2012 and has now been consistently creating and releasing vibrant and sonically rich soundscapes for over a decade. His latest album,  'Tales From Babylon' (released via Lofi Girl), is tastefully stunning.

On today's episode we discuss:
- Nadav's musical history and development
- The highs, lows, and lessons of Nadav's artistic journey
- How to stay committed to your dream for the long haul

Connect with Amess on Instagram: @amessvv

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