The Chilled Samples Podcast

Episode 095 - Dokkodo Sounds

May 18, 2023 Cody Christianson Episode 95
The Chilled Samples Podcast
Episode 095 - Dokkodo Sounds
Show Notes

Dokkodo Sounds is a well-spoken, sonically complex, and thought provoking artist who is currently based out of Leeds, England. Thomas, the artist behind the Dokkodo Sounds project, is a producer, guitarist, and educator who combines ambient soundscapes and hazy beats to create truly beautiful and inspiring music.

Thomas has been able to live life as a full time musician for nearly four years by combining multiple and diverse revenue streams, along with daily implementation of discipline, drive, and dedication.

You can connect with Dokkodo Sounds on Instagram: @dokkodo.sounds
You can learn more about Thomas's other projects here : Website

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