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Episode 098 - Odd Panda

June 27, 2023 Cody Christianson Episode 98
The Chilled Samples Podcast
Episode 098 - Odd Panda
Show Notes

Odd Panda is the artistic instrumental beats outlet of Nico Ottmann, a Nuremberg born music producer and audio engineer who is currently based in Prague.

Ranging from peaceful and ambient pieces to energetic, jazz influenced uptempo beats, he enjoys having multiple outlets for different emotions and inner sensations. However, his heart lies in the upbeat domain. Odd Panda’s music provides a sonic companionship for all activities in his listener’s everyday life.

Nico’s aspiration for high quality at all levels fuels the efforts of both his musical career and the label Fortune Cookie Records, where he currently operates as co-directing A&R.

On today's episode we discuss:
- Nico's artistic journey
- The importance of taking chances
- Tactics that Nico utilizes to remain healthy, balanced, and productive

Connect with Odd Panda on Instagram: @oddpanda_beats
Connect with Fortune Cookie Records on Instagram: @fortunecookie.wav

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